To scam or not to scam...

What a wonderful day to start Monday afternoon.

it all started with a text from an acquaintance i've met 2 weeks prior.

Part 1/2
RG: "Wow ss, im going through a nightmare right now. i just left my briefcase along with my wallet inside a cab. I do not know what to do. This is too crazy. I now have non of my credit cards or debit cards, or any cash. It feels like a bad movie"

thinking to myself, seriously?? how do i respond to this? He left the cab, so he must have paid for it. How did he pay??

RG: "I gave him cash i had in my pocket while I was on the phone and I got distracted because I was really involved in my business call."

RG: "My parents are in Lake Como. I'm trying to contact my family members. I really need to get on that plane. or i need to leave tomorrow the latest. theres a lot at stake business wise. i can get an emergency passport but without my cards or money im stuck. this is too crazy baby."

me: "we'll didn't the taxi driver give you a receipt you can call?"

RG: "no dude! i am going crazy! not good! i have to find a way to purchase a new plane ticket which will cost me $1200.00 in addition i need to have cash on me. Bad timing. i can get an emergency passport but i need cash. all my reliable sources are away abroad. i dont know what to do.
meanwhile, im trying to verify his plane departure to see if it matches up.
me: "are you at JFK? who are you flying with? (to confirm my search)
RG: "by myself. my crew left before me to set-up" (didnt answer my question)
RG: "im on the phone with the airlines and my banks. I will text you in 10 min"
4 minutes later
RG: "I had to rebook a plane ticket flying out tomorrow at 8:50pm Swissair. I would need you to go to liberty travel on 205 3rd ave. The ticket on hold is under my name Robert Giuliano. The cost is $1408.70. Can you please go in person and put it on your credit card. I can reimburse in the next few days."
RG: "I have $300 in my pocket which is enough for me to obtain an emergency passport tomorrow"
RG: "A lot of my close friends have invested over $20,000 in my new business venture and i won't dare ask after what they've already done for me. so if you could please go to liberty travel and pay for this ticket. but leave the ticket there. I'll pick it up tomorrow morning. i'm on my way to the taxi headquarters. I will send you $2000 by the end of the week."
RG: "ss, Im freaking out and im nervous. The place closes at 8pm. The new ticket must be purchased today. Please inform me once it is done but keep the ticket there so i can pick it up in the morning. I won't even have time this evening. I'm still here at JFK on my way to the 24 hour passport office."
RG: "So can you make it in ss?"
all this time i didn't reply since i last asked him where he was...
It was a bit much to take in myself, so its time to call in the calvary.
AS: "who the f is RG? lol and this is so hilarious,...please tell me you did not buy the ticket "i have 300 dollars cash in my pocket to buy an emergency passport" but he left his wallet in the cab LOL"
DR:so he wants u to get the 1400 plane ticket?
DR: thats fuckin ridiculous
DR:dont u purchase ur ticket
DR:and then get boarding pass and shit
DR:why do u have to purchase another
DR: this is retarted