Radio Host Demonstrates Waterboarding

Ever wandered what waterboarding feels like? An interrogation technique that looks so simple and innocuous has been evading being called as torture for as long as its been in the media. But just because no limbs are being cut off doesn't mean it's acceptable to use this technique. See for your self as this conservative radio host gets waterboarded and calls it "Absolutely torture."


Madden 2010 to have Online Co-Op Gameplay

The Madden game franchise has been around for a really long time. Yet, they have found another new feature to pack into the game. in 2010, you'll be able to play online co-op style.

For the first time, two players will be able to take their game online together with online co-op play in Madden NFL 10. Team up online with your friends, taking on different defensive and offensive positions, experiencing the game through all-new position specific camera angles.

Here's a video of the action. [Kotaku]

*A-HEM* Now, if only some of my friends had a Playstation 3 *A-HEM*

Detox... on Dr. Pepper

Forgot about Dre? He's back to remind you to drink some Dr. Pepper (and to remind you that he has a new album coming out this year).

The Good Doctor stars in this new Dr. Pepper commercial, at the end of which is featured the beat to a song reportedly called "Shit Popped Off." If you'll recall, a version of "Popped Off" was leaked back in February and featured T.I. The song was reportedly recorded during the "Detox" sessions, but there's no word on whether it actually will make the final cut of the album.

Crazy Story of My Day

Panda's around the world and in this blog are offended.

PITTSBURGH (AP) -- The Pennsylvania attorney general says a legislative staffer wanted to dress up in a panda costume and have sex with a 15-year-old boy.

Attorney General Tom Corbett says 40-year-old Alan David Berlin, of Carlisle, was charged Thursday with attempted sexual exploitation of children and related crimes.

A Corbett spokesman says the boy's parents alerted authorities after finding graphic messages on his computer. He says agents found wolf- and cat-type costumes in Berlin's home.

A spokesman for Sen. Jane Orie says Berlin has been suspended. Berlin worked in the Senate about a decade, the past several years with the Allegheny County Republican.

Berlin is in the Dauphin County jail. Officials didn't know if he had an attorney.

POTD: Kim Jong-il on Twitter

Google Wave

This is the longest video EVER, but its totally worth checking out, even if u have to pause and finish watching later.

How Good Can the Palm Pre Really Be?

According to this video of key investor Roger McNamee talking about how the new Palm Pre is the greatest thing in the world. Way to overhype your overhyped product. Sprint...what a bad idea.

This Could be a Good Reason to Buy a Macbook Air

I'm not a fan of the MacBook Air. It's very cool looking and small and convenient to carry around. But all-in-all, it doesn't have the punch I'm looking for when I go out to buy a portable computer. First off, it's not as fast as the MacBook (no, not even the white plastic one). Nor does it have too many expandable slots. There are 3 items that can be plugged in, and if you have a odd shaped USB drive, you won't be able to plug in other things. It just becomes a pain.

But, if this rumor is true, I might be able to overlook the crappy aspects of the MacBook Air. According to SiliconRumors, Apple will release new versions of the MacBook Air with the ability to connect to 3G networks and come with a price drop. To me, this is a huge upgrade. To have the ability to connect to a fast network while on the go is what really makes laptops portable. Taking a computer with you without the internet is like having the iPhone with app store Yeah, it's useful, but it could be so much better.

This said, whether or not people will buy more MacBook Airs will probably depend on the monthly access fees for the 3G networks. For the right price, this could very well hike sales of the Air beyond the sales of the current MacBooks. [SiliconRumors]

Watch Hulu in Full Screen Mode (Yes, Even on Your Mac)

Now you can watch your favorite Hulu videos straight from your desktop and without the use of a browser thanks to the new Hulu Desktop App. The app from Hulu Labs is available for both Windows and Mac. For Mac users, the app also allows full control using the Apple Remote. [Hulu Desktop App]

Zune HD in Action

Zune HD Video Hands On from Gizmodo on Vimeo.

Gizmodo has posted this video of the new Zune HD, due out this fall, in action. The new player will feature a huge OLED touchscreen featuring playback of 720p video files and HD radio. [Gizmodo]

Snow Leopard Shows of its Subtlety

Pictures and videos of Snow Leopard have been creaping out slowly. But, thanks to AppleInsider, we now have a slew of new images that suggest small upgrades to all areas of the Apple OS. Two of them that I find awesome are video grab and easy YouTube uploads. As you can see, the video capture allows you to grab playing(streaming?) video and save it as a HUDless piece of video. You can also edit that footage however you feel.

And easily upload it to your YouTube page. Very useful for the creative folk. You can find all the new screenshots of subtle improvements at AppleInsider.

Inside the NBA Tourism Video

The crappy Cleveland tourism video was EJ's neato stat of the night. Apparently one of their producers was able to convince (must have been very easy) the maker of the Cleveland Tourism video to make one up about TNT's Inside the NBA crew. Hilarious...obviously.

ABC Begins NBA Finals Campaign

ABC/ESPN have begun advertising for the NBA Finals using this evolutionary poster. If LeBron wants in on next years poster, he better carry his team (again) on the road.

Olivia Munn Will Pose for Playboy

The fantasy of all nerds, seeing Olivia Munn bare it all. But don't give up hopes for nip slips just yet. Unfortunately for most and maybe fortunately for her, she is one of the few people invited to pose for Playboy with her clothes on. [oliviamunn.com]

Too much? There's never too much.


I Wish The Sunday Night Broadcast Ended the Same Way...

iPod Nano 5th Generation?

This is a image of iLounge's artist rendition for the 5th generation iPod Nano. Rumor has it that the latest Nano will have the ability to take pictures. Also, the screen will be bigger and the clickwheel will get smaller. There is also a rumor that a new iPod Touch will hit the stores with photographic capabilities as well. Both iPod would be due for a upgrade come September. iLounge's previous iPod Nano artist rendition has been correct, so this stuff looks promising. [iLounge]


June 1st Cover of The New Yorker Drawn Entirely on iPhone

The cover above for the June 1st edition of The New Yorker was drawn entirely on an iPhone using a $4.99 app called Brushes. Don't believe me? (Or even if you do) Here's a video demonstration of how artist Jorge Colombo created the masterpiece. [New Yorker]

DIY iTablet

Why spend $2,000 on a Tablet Macbook when you can make one yourself? One adventurer converted his macbook to a home made tablet. Very cool.

Kobe & LeBron - Mrs. Lewis


Speaking of Hilarious Commentary...

Credit AAshish (who, I've decided, will be referred to as "my editor" from now on) for this post.

I introduce you to the ultimate babe magnet, aka the "Three Wolf Moon T-Shirt." Oh yeah. It's currently being sold on Amazon, but probably not for long, as I anticipate it being sold out within the next seven-and-a-half minutes due to its extreme popularity. Don't believe me? Just go ahead, click that link, scroll down, and read the reviews. No, I'm being completely serious. READ THE REVIEWS. You will not be disappointed.

Among the review titles:

- "Believe the hype!!"
- "Wolf Shirt: 1, Chuck Norris: 0"
- "A Perfect Compliment For My She-Mullet, L.A. Gear Tennies, & Acid Wash Jeans"

My birthday is only nine months away, friends!

[Amazon.com: Three Wolf Moon T-Shirt, Available in Various Sizes]
[Three Wolf Moon T-Shirt Reviews]

POTD: Worst Mixed Doubles Match Ever

Here is a screenshot of a picture of New York Yankees second baseman Robinson Cano and center fielder Melky Cabrera on a couch with a couple hos nice young ladies somewhere in a basement some club.

The screenshot comes courtesy of today's Deadspin Deleted Scenes. For those of you generally unfamiliar with our beloved Deadspin, here is their description of the Deleted Scenes post:

"We get a massive amount of tips in our inbox each week. Some are pretty interesting, but don't get published for one reason or another.

It's usually because they're just so absurd or really lack even the most tenuous of news angles to give them the go-ahead. Other times it's because they're just absolute horseshit. But every Friday until we get sick of running them, we'll present to you some of these not-so-shiny gems.

Lacking news angles indeed. I don't even know what to say about this story, other than, those who would care about this post will care about this post.

It's funny - if you go to the blog that Deadspin links to, and gives credit to for the picture, this is what is said about the less-than-scandalous photos:

"NY Sport Space has some friends in high places. So high that its fairly easy to acquire some EXCLUSIVE photos of Melky Cabrera and Robbie Cano popping bottles and making kissy faces." (Emphasis in original.)

Friends in high places, eh? Acquaintances on the internet works too. In fact, these aren't exclusive at all - they're pretty public. Umm nice try.

Anyway, don't forget to check the Deleted Scenes comments section for a little late-Friday commentary and hilarity. For instance:

Crazy Joe Clark
2:20 PM

Cano can do better than that. Melky is probably overachieving right now with those girls, he'll be back to banging the fatties by July.

2:22 PM

Melky seems to have summoned the ghost of Jan Brady.

Very nice. HUAN!


Another NFL Player with a Dog Problem

PITTSBURGH -- A pit bull owned by Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison has reportedly attacked the player's young son.

A spokesman for the defending Super Bowl champions told The Associated Press that this was a personal matter for Harrison and the club would not comment further.

An unidentified neighbor told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette one of the star player's three dogs got loose Thursday and attacked the boy, James III. His age was not immediately available.

The newspaper and WTAE-TV reported the boy was taken to UPMC Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh. The hospital declined comment. The Post-Gazette reported a second person was hurt.

Harrison is the NFL Defensive Player of the Year. He declined to join the Steelers on a White House visit Thursday.

Daft Punk on the Piano

Daft Punk Piano medley. Harder. Better. Faster. Stronger.

Julia Dales Beatboxing

Meet Julia Dales. No, she's not trying to buy a laptop at a ridiculously cheap price. She's competing to be the World Beatboxing Champion. The 17 year old is from Canada and won a wild card audition to make it into the competition on May 28th. Defintely better than me.


Nice. No animals were hurt during the filming of this vide...I hope.

Samsung Netbook Viral Video

Here are two Samsung N310 Netbooks competing for our affection.

Dallas Cowboys Get a Big D(isplay)

The Dallas Cowboys revealed the world's largest display. The display costs $40,000 The massive display weighs 600 tons, is 180 feet long and 72 feet tall. It's made of 10.5 million LEDs. [Dallas News]

Give Your Firefox a Jetpack

Mozilla Labs Jetpack - Intro & Tutorial from Aza Raskin on Vimeo.

Give your favorite browser a boost by installing Jetpack for Mozilla Firefox. This could extend Firefox's functions and usability. Jetpack will mostly be used by developers for now but in the long run it could provide for all the little browser upgrades to make Firefox even better. [JetPack via Lifehacker]

Video Games Trailers: Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 [Deadpool]

Playing with Deadpool looks really fun in the upcoming Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2.

Japanese College Giving Out Free iPhones

Japanese College, Aoyama Gakuin University is giving out about 500 iPhones to its students and faculty for free as a part of the school's Mobile & Net Society Education and Training Program. The program will be begin as a trial and may be expanded later. The phone, with GPS, will be able to track students to ensure that they are attending classes. Softbank Mobile provided the school with the free iPhones for students. There are also plans to hand out homework and have exams on the phone. [Engadget]

Google Chrome Out of Beta

Google Chrome has officially left Beta,...for Windows anyway. Linux and Mac users still don't have any sort of full version of the google browser. The video shows off some of the new features, but Google Chrome is a lot faster too. According to this nicely presented graph. They're also working on adding features that users want which is always a plus. When you cater to your customers, you can't lose. [Official Google Blog]

Volkswagen Infotainment System (...and now for my 1000th post)

It won't be around for at least 3 years, but the Intel backed Volkswagen Infotainment System looks great. The gesture movements are probably the most interesting part of the whole system. You're still probably better off modding it yourself and installing a netbook with 3G in your car. I'm sure it costs more than $2000 from the dealership whenever it comes out. [Engadget]

POTD: Bobby Abreu Battling Career Threatening Toe Injury

... Or not.


Movie Trailers: Sherlock Holmes

Directed by Guy Ritchie. Starring Robert Downey Jr., Jude Law and Rachel McAdams


New in Gmail Labs: Automatic Translation

You can now translate emails within Gmail using the new Automatic Message Translation feature in Labs. Simply go into Google Labs, enable the features and the next time you get a message in a foreign language (or one other than your own), you'll be able to convert it to one that you can understand easier.
You can even have entire email conversations in two (or more) languages and both (or all) parties will be able to understand eachother. [Gmail Blog]
Gmail Blog also had this comic on how scripture was formed when two people couldn't communicate verbally.

New iPhone to Hit Shelves on July 17th???


The previously unheralded Apple iPhone Apps blog has a rumor post up regarding the next generation iPhone hardware, suggesting that July 17th is the expected date for the new phone to be on shelves (reasonably well aligned with an announcement at WWDC). As 9to5Mac and Gadget Lab note, most of the covered ground is familiar -- better camera, storage bump, magnetometer & turn-by-turn, video recording -- but there are a few interesting tidbits, including the suggestion of an OLED screen, an illuminated backside logo (perhaps capable of doubling as a photo flash?), the integration of Google Street View with the compass for 'visual intelligence' as in the Android demo, and a built-in FM transmitter.

I'm not sure that an FM transmitter as an onboard capability is such a great idea, considering the percentage of car stereos nowadays that include either an iPod dock connector or an aux-in jack, but maybe it's plausible. Everything else seems to pass the sniff test, although OLED and a lit back panel are an odd combination. If we do see the new device in mid-July, how many of you are checking your contract expirations right now to see if you can pick one up? Mmm-hmm, thought so.

Thank You Jon Barry

Thank you Jon Barry for showing us how to "defend" "Kobe Bryant" so that he still scores on you. Obviously we shouldn't be taking advice from a person who can't guard him in real life or virtual life. Shouldn't Shane Battier be teaching us this instead? He's nothing else to do.[ESPN]

Goodbye Saigon

Will Ferrell. Anne Hathaway. Tom Hanks. Green Day. Amy Poehler. Artie Lang. Paul Rudd on the Violin!


Banned Volkswagen Polo Commercial

Obvious enough why the commercial was banned, but it's pretty funny. I hope no one tests out my VW's toughness in this fashion...It's hard enough cleaning out dog hair.

Shaq Going Back to Class

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (AP) -- Shaquille O'Neal is in training for his next career.

The 7-foot-1 center for the Phoenix Suns is taking a broadcasting course at Syracuse University known as Sportscaster U, a crash course designed to teach athletes about the broadcasting industry. He arrived in Syracuse on Sunday and started school Monday at the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications.

Instructor Dave Ryan, an ESPN play-by-play announcer who started the program, says O'Neal is spending the time taping mock stand-ups, scripting material, and conducting interviews.

O'Neal even scored the first on-camera interview with former Duke point guard Greg Paulus since he announced his decision to play football at Syracuse in the fall.

Dominoes in the Office

Dominoes Everywhere from Jared Lyon on Vimeo.

I'd probably do this, but I tend to have other people in my offices. This is a video from the Imagine RIT Festival at the Rochester Institute of Technology. [Gizmodo]


Seth MacFarlane is Doing Pretty Well

NEW YORK (AP) -- The recession has been good to "Family Guy" creator Seth MacFarlane. So good that he's bought a plane.

The 35-year-old inked a reported $100 million contract last May that keeps him with FOX through 2012.

The deal makes him the highest paid writer-producer in television.

He's also the creator of "American Dad" and its upcoming spinoff "The Cleveland Show" but MacFarlane says he's received something else out of the deal: help.

Listen for some familiar voices on "The Cleveland Show" including columnist Arianna Huffington. She'll play a talking bear (also named Arianna) whose family lives near the Browns. Kanye West has a cameo as a rapper.

"The Cleveland Show" debuts on FOX in September.

Star Trek in Space

LOS ANGELES (AP) -- "Star Trek" has been beamed aboard the International Space Station.

Paramount Pictures said they transferred director J.J. Abrams' sci-fi franchise reboot to NASA's Mission Control in Houston. The movie was uplinked to the space station on Thursday.

NASA astronaut Michael Barratt watched the film on a laptop Friday inside the Unity module.

The 50-year-old astronaut said he remembered "watching the original 'Star Trek' series and, like many of my NASA co-workers, was inspired by the idea of people from all nations coming together to explore space."

New Snow Leopard Features Shown off on Youtube?

Here's a video found on youtube of a bunch of new features that seem to be making their appearance in Snow Leopard OS for Mac which is supposedly coming out later this year.

Adium 1.4 Beta

Adium has released 1.4 Beta with some neat new features. You can now incorporate facebook chat and twittering capabilities within your favorite Mac chat app. Theres a whole list of improvements besides these two. Click the link for the list. [Adium Beta]

Clock Clocks

Clock Clocks is made by a swedish designers and uses 24 clocks to tell the correct time. For people who have trouble reading clocks, this might be a problem. [Gizmodo]

Email 'N Walk Lets You Walk and Email Simultaneously

Here's another instance of an April Fool's joke coming to fruition. Email 'n Walk is a app for the iphone that puts the view from your iPhone's camera in the background. It's pretty funny, but it'll keep you from running into a tree or a street sign, so it might be worth the $.99 it costs from the App store. [Lifehacker via CNET]

Parachute Panic

Cool game for the iPhone. It's not available yet, but it looks like it can get a crazy with the bombs, sharks and helicopters.


My Favorite Space Adventure Movie

Microsoft Laptop Hunters Ad Shows Just How Stupid Some Law Students (or Actors) Are

Obviously this girl isn't going to Cardozo...First off that laptop that is "$2000" is a full 2 inches bigger than that 13" Dell she ends up with. Second, Yes, you can get a MacBook for under 1700. Heck, you can get almost any MacBook for under 1700! Third, why would you spend less money on a laptop, when "Microsoft" is paying you 1700 for whichever laptop you want! Obviously this girl isn't a law student and that's not really her mother. They are probably both actors...and not even decent ones at that. At least we can give Lauren some credit for that.


Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law Is Now A Tier 1 School of PARTY!

As I always say to prospective law students, Don't do it! But as I also always say to prospective law students, if you're gonna be able to choose your prison, might as well pick the one where it's most fun to get anally raped everyday. (Too much?) Okay, I don't know any prospective law students, but that's what I would say. To help with this, the good folks at SubtleDig.com have published their first annual Party Law School Rankings...

Cardozo makes another quality showing in this list, holding steady in the "Top Tier" at #45. That's some good consistency. Also consistent: Michigan is the 8th partiest law school, compared to #9 overall on the U.S. News list. The following notables, however, need to step their game up: good ol' Fordham University comes in #53; Penn State is still stuck in Tier 2 at #61; Boston College and Boston University (What's the difference? Not much) come in at #71 and #75, respectively; and American University brings in the rear at #93. Shows what you know, U.S. News and World Report!

[SubtleDig.com Full Rankings and Methodology]

MVPs: Kobe & LeBron - Chalk

Here's a Nike Basketball ad featuring one puppet as LeBron and another as Kobe. Called Chalk for a reason...

No, It's Not!

HAHAHA STO announcers get fooled by terrific home-run-saving catch by Curtis Granderson. Somehow those words, no, it's not!, sums up everything.

WTF? Mobile NBC.com Streams Video to iPhone, Android???

The guys at lifehacker decided to try out NBC.com's mobile site m.nbc.com and as it turns out, the site is awesome. Why? Well, because as people eagerly await a hulu app for the iPhone and Android to watch streaming videos or full eps of tv shows, apparently NBC's mobile site has had it available all along in a Quicktime format! It was the okie-doke! While the quality isn't as good as watching a show on a computer, but it works pretty well, even on EDGE/3G!
There's a ton of full episodes available. They are usually broken down into 4 or 5 parts to make streaming a little smoother. Oh yea, and there are ads (the first ad I saw for the Blackberry Bold, how ironic). Also, Lifehacker says that the streaming on Android seems "clunky" even without a lag. [Lifehacker] [NBC Mobile]

First Ever No Glasses Needed 3D Ad

If you're in New York City and head over to the Hines Building at 750 7th Avenue and 50th Street, you can see the first-ever-no-glasses-needed-3D-ad. The ad is from the clever Snickers group (3 Feed, hilarious!) and is displayed in-window on a 42-inch screen. Thankfully, you don't need those corny looking glasses.

When the 42-inch screen is viewed head on by a passer-by, the 3D display appears to project an image of a rotating catch-phrase onto the sidewalk.

“From SMS to motion detection to touch screens, we continue to seek out new and innovative ways to incorporate technology into our Storescapes™ and the introduction of 3D is another example,” said Steve Birnhak, CEO and founder of Inwindow Outdoor. “We have pioneered so many technological and digital firsts in the storefront advertising space and we are very proud to have coordinated the first display with Mars to use 3D LCD technology.” [BusinessWire via Engadget]

Missouri's School of Journalism to Require iPod Touch, iPhones

If you are in high school and looking to get into Missouri's School of Journalism, make sure you take your iPod Touch or iPhone with you. You're going to need it. According to the Columbia Missourian, the school is going to make it a requirement that all students have one.

According to Brian Brooks, Associate Dean of the Journalism School:

"Lectures are the worst possible learning format. There’s been some research done that shows if a student can hear that lecture a second time, they retain three times as much of that lecture."

Freshmen that have been admitted will be sent a notice indicating the new requirement. However, the requirement will not be enforced, there will not be a penalty for students who don't get the fancy gadget.

"The reason we put required on it is to help the students on financial need," Brooks said. "If it’s required, it can be included in your financial need estimate. If we had not required it, they wouldn’t be able to do that."

The Associate Dean also pointed out that the school's students have received rebates from Apple when purchasing other equipment such as MacBooks and so they may have some sort of rebate for this as well. [Columbia Missourian]


You're Only as Good as Your Dance Squad

The Denver Nuggets are up 3-0 on the Mavs and the Nuggets Dance Squad is damn good too. Pretty ridiculous that the cheerleaders are probably the worst dancers in this entire video...

Movie Trailers: Terminator: Salvation [4 Mins. Trailer]

The latest trailer of Terminator Salvation features 4 full minutes of BOOM and BANG followed by Oooohs and Ahhhs.

Roomba Mod

This roomba mod helps clean up by picking things up for you. It's pretty cool concept, but looks like it could fall apart easily, or get attacked by a pet.

Mother Lover

Happy Mother's Day!



SOBEaR v02 :: the responsible robot bartender from j saavedra on Vimeo.

SOBEaR dispenses alcohol depending on how drunk you are. It has a breathalyzer that detects just how much you've already had and pours liquor for you accordingly.

Yao Ming to Miss Rest of the Playoffs

Yao Ming will miss the remainder of the playoffs thanks to a broken foot. The Lakers should start their bench to make it a fair series now.

Little Daft Punk

How to Play as Ken in Street Fighter

Yea, this is really all you need to know about playing as Ken in Street Fighter. [Kotaku]


Flipping Wrist Watch

Some people do retarded things with their knowledge and some people get rich.

Roomba Cleaning Path

This picture shows off just how well the roomba covers an entire room.

The creator shut off all of the lights in his room for 30 minutes and captured a long exposure of the path that the Roomba makes when it goes about cleaning the area. The resulting photo is a mess of circles and lines that somewhat resemble flight paths. I wonder what the paths would look like in a bigger room.

I never felt like getting a roomba, but after seeing this, I really want one...[Doobybrain]

AT&T iPhone Plan Price Drop Rumors

Rumors say today that AT&T may create a price drop for the entry level iPhone plan from $69 to $59 a month. This would be more than likely the case for the iPhone 3G and would take place over the summer when the new supposed iPhone is released.

For customers, this would be a net savings of $120 a year. For AT&T, they would be making room for new inventory of iPhones and attracting new customers for the cheaper iPhone 3G plan. Most likely, the new iPhone plan would be $69 a month and old iPhone plans would either stay the same. There's no reason to drop the old phone's price plan because, well, they don't make them any more and the plan only exists for people who still have that old phone. They can't attract any new customers by lowering that plan.

But of course this is all rumor. [PC World]

Don't Tase Me Bro

Love to see Andrew Meyer get tased over and over? Check out Jon Haddock's "Ndrew Meyer (Don't Tase Me Bro)" in a wooden automation box. So accurate!

Slide to Unlock Underwear

Hilarious. Brilliant. Easy Access. [Gizmodo]

MPAA Shows Us How to Record a Video Screen

MPAA shows how to videorecord a TV set from timothy vollmer on Vimeo.

So remember, video record a movie screen or TV show, just don't rip the DVDs.

Intel Stars: Sponsors of Tomorrow

Coke Ad: The Organ Player

Steve, This One's for You: Larry Page Delivers Commencement Speech at University of Michigan

Click the link for full transcript.[Google Press Center]

Ron Artest Life Story Continues...


BREAKING: Manny Ramirez Tests Positive; Suspended 50 Games

Official announcement from MLB will come later today.

Right from Peter Gammons's mouth right now as I watch SportsCenter: Scott Boras says -- and Gammons believes him -- that Manny had an ailment, went to his doctor in Florida who prescribed something for Manny and assured Manny that it was fine to take, turns out it wasn't okay.

The Dodgers are 21-8 (modern record 13-0 at home); Manny's batting .348 with 6 HRs and 20 RBIs. Holy shit.

Manny released the following statement to the press via the MLBPA:

Recently I saw a physician for a personal health issue. He gave me a medication, not a steroid, which he thought was OK to give me. Unfortunately, the medication was banned under our drug policy. Under the policy that mistake is now my responsibility. I have been advised not to say anything more for now.

I do want to say one other thing; I've taken and passed about 15 drug tests over the past five seasons. I want to apologize to Mr. McCourt, Mrs. McCourt, Mr. Torre, my teammates, the Dodger organization, and to the Dodger fans. LA is a special place to me and I know everybody is disappointed. So am I. I'm sorry about this whole situation.

I have to say, this is awful news for baseball fans. I've always liked Manny, even to a certain extent when he was on the Sox (i.e. to the extent that they weren't beating us), him and Papi. Both nice enough guys, funny guys. I hope he's able to get through this relatively unscathed, career wise, but to do that, he's gotta definitively prove everything he said in that statement. Doctor, medication, prescription, failed test, positive tests - everything. Really pulling for him.



Megan Fox Video Photo Shoot

Esquire Magazine has created the first ever photo shoot done using a video camera. Meagan Fox's photo video shoot was done using the new super-kick-ass Red One Camera. [KanYe West Blog]

Apple To Buy Twitter? [Rumors]

The latest Apple rumor involves Twitter. According to TUAW, Apple is considering buying Twitter for $700 Million. All in all, there is no reason for Apple to buy Twitter. It does nothing for them financially and won't bring in customers. Google's attempt to buy Twitter recently was turned down and there doesn't seem to be a good enough reason for Twitter to accept this offer much less for Apple to even try to make the acquisition. Still, a relatively reliable source has told TUAW,

"Apple is in late-stage negotiations to buy Twitter and is hoping to announce it at WWDC in June."


Dear Brett Favre: Get Over It.

[Gonna take a pass on the obvious "Here we go again" statement]
[EDIT: This was a complete coincidence. Awesome! Yet totally unsurprising]

ESPN's Ed Werder reports that Minnesota Vikings coach Brad Childress is going to meet with aging aged quarterback Brett Favre later this week in the ever-mysterious "undisclosed location" to discuss the possibility of Favre coming out of retirement and playing for the Vikes this year. The New York Jets released Favre about a week ago, promptly after taking future bust Mark Sanchez in the first round of the NFL Draft.

Well this is a stupid story. Guess what Favre, you're not getting any younger, and just like any other old guy, your decision making skills (on and -- as this story proves -- off the field) have been rapidly declining. Give it up, please. If not for your sake, then for mine. I don't know whether this story is more annoying or more sad. I'm gonna say more annoying. Just go away Old Yeller. Don't make us break out the rifle.



Happy Star Wars Day?

Today is Star Wars Day apparently, because of the pun, "may the fourth be with you." Get it, May 4th. Right...moving right along. Since when did we start making up holidays on wikipedia?[Wiki]

No, You are Not Allowed to Spread Swine Flu

MEXICO CITY (AP) -- Chivas defender Hector Reynoso has been suspended from the Copa Libertadores for pretending to cough and spit in an opponent's face, gestures interpreted as threatening to spread swine flu.

Get 'The Girlfriend Experience' on Amazon before it Hits the Theaters

Steven Soderbergh's new movie, The Girlfriend Experience, starring Sasha Grey, is available for rent on Amazon a whole 3 weeks before the movie is due out in theaters. This isn't the first time Soderbergh broke the Hollywood rules and released his movie to the public before it appeared in theaters. His 2006 film, Bubble, was available on HDNet Movies before it's theatrical release. Here's the trailer. [The Girlfriend Experience on Amazon via Gizmodo]

Jorge Garcia (Hurley) Says Star Trek Was 'So Good'

Jorge Garcia aka Hurley aka Hugo from Lost, says that the new Star Trek movie was good. Okay so what? you might be asking. Well, if you have read Jorge's blog, dispatchesfromtheisland.blogspot.com, you know just how down to earth he is. He's a fan of the franchise and if he says JJ Abrams did a good job on the movie, I trust him. Although maybe he's just trying to make sure he doesn't get killed off in the series.

Last week I went to the Star Trek Premiere.
It was cool. Samuel L. Jackson sat behind me.
I wanted to offer him my seat because I wasn't sure if I could relax knowing that
But the highlight of the night was without a doubt, the movie.
It is so good. It is so beautiful. And it sets up the franchise so well. I don't want to give anything away, so that's all I'm going to say about it.