Former Google China President Reveals Info for Apple Tablet

Apple is set to hold an event on January 26, 2010, presumably to reveal a Apple tablet gadget (not the picture above) of sorts. Apparently, the former Google China president, Kaifu Lee, has seen the thing and commented on it.

"The Apple Tablet looks like a bigger iPhone that sports an awesome UI packed in a beautiful 10.1-inch screen. The tablet combines the functions of both netbook and kindle, an ebook reader. It has virtual keyboard for text entry and a webcam for video conferencing." (translated)
Yea, hold off on buying that Macbook if a tablet would make your life better. [AppleInsider]


Plants Vs. Zombies Coming to iPhone in January!

Plants vs. Zombies is one of the cooler PopCap games made for both PC and Mac and in late January, it's going to be available in the App store for the iPhone and iPod Touch. If it's anything like the computer version, it's a must buy.

Rumors: Google to Sell Unlocked Nexus One for $530, $180 W/2-Year T-Mobile Contract

Rumors say that Google will sell the Nexus One (aka Google phone) for $530 unlocked. A cheaper version is available at $180, but will require a 2-year T-Mobile contract. Here's the round up of other rumors regarding the phone:
  • Existing T-Mo customers can’t keep their current plan if they want a subsidized phone.
  • The subsidized price only works on accounts with single lines. Family plans, Flexpay, SmartAccess and KidConnect plans must buy the phone at the full $530 unlocked price.
  • You can onliy buy five Nexus Ones per Google account.
  • Looks like it can be shipped outside the U.S.
  • It’ll be sold at google.com/phone.
  • And if you buy the Nexus One at the subsidized price and cancel before 120 days have passed, you have to pay the difference — $350 — or return the phone to Google.
[iPhone Blog]


Tits, Boobies & Pussy Lovers

Two apps have hit the iTunes App store for the iPhone and iPod Touch. One is called Tits & Boobies and the other is Pussy Lovers. (Allllllll Riiiiighhht) (Giggidy Giggidy, Giggidy Goo!) Yea, it's not what your dirty mind thinks it is. GET THAT THOUGHT OUT OF YOUR HEAD, PERV!

The apps let you check out pictures of birds and cats "as God intended to be viewed in their real forms." Not sure exactly how the names got approved by apple, but it's definitely a good trick by the app makers to entice downloads.



According to the AP:

Obama leaves golf abruptly for 'personal matter'; ambulance speeds to first family's compound.

UPDATE: There was just a minor injury to a family friend.

End All of Your Online Social Networking with Web 2.0 Suicide Machine

web 2.0 suicide machine promotion from moddr_ on Vimeo.

Web 2.0 Suicide Machine removes you from all social networking sites and removes your presence from online social networking sites. It's basically online suicide, except it does it in less time than it would take for you to manually remove yourself. You even see your social network life flash before your eyes as you commit suicide. Yes this is real...

Clone of Philips' Ambilight

Some guy home made ambilight technology by wiring a Arduino to a series of LED strips and controls the colors by usb hooked up to his HTPC.

Movie Trailers: The Horde

Avatar: The Making of the Bootleg

Avatar is currently the most downloaded movie.

Star Wars X A-Team [Mashup]

How did it take so long for this mashup!

Steve Nash Parodies All-Star Campaigns

It's funny since you know he's going.


Urban Meyer to Step Down as Coach of Florida Football

ESPN reports that Florida head coach Urban Meyer is stepping down possibly over health concerns. Meyer will have a press conference later today. It is unknown if he will coach the team through the Sugar Bowl.

Ron Artest Out Saturday

ESPN says Ron Artest will not play Saturday due to injuries suffered
from falling down flight of stairs.


Danilo Gallinari Singing Beyonce's "Halo"



N64 Emulator for iPhone

It's not out for everyone, but people with Jailbroken iPhones can get the app now. It also supports the Bluetooth Wiimote.

Jersey Shore Cast Realizes They are a Joke, Too

Unreal Engine Running on the iPhone!!!

Video games have come a long way and so has the iPhone. Unreal has apparently ported its engine onto the iPhone (and iPod Touch).

Nexus One (Google Phone) Walkthrough

MVP Puppets - Dunking on Reindeer

Music Videos: Jay-Z (feat. Mr. Hudson) - Forever Young


STILTT: Wandering Star

It's been a while. This group used to be a regular on my heavy rotation list.


Report: Brett Favre Refused to be Benched Last Night

Dan Wetzel of Yahoo! Sports says that Brett Favre was told by Vikings' head coach Brad Childress that he would be benched for the 3rd quarter of last night's loss to the Carolina Panthers. Favre refused and stayed in the game.

“Yeah, there was a heated discussion, I guess you would call it,” Favre told reporters afterwards. “We were up 7-6 at the time. No secret, I was getting hit a little bit. I felt the pressure on a lot of plays. We had seven points. So I think everyone in the building was like, ‘They’re not moving the ball, they’re not getting points.’ Brad wanted to go in a different direction and I wanted to stay in the game.”

[Yahoo! Sports]

POTD: Mario's Closet

[Glenn Brogan]

MVP Puppets: Blitzen Raps

A Truly Successful App Story

The developer of the Tap Tap Revenge series, Tapulous of iPhone apps is raking in $1M a month from sales in the App Store. They have 20 employees and have managed to have their apps downloaded 20 million times and their games played 600 million times. Insane. [Reuters]

Stella Artois App for iPhone

Another augmented reality has been released for the iPhone, this time by beer maker Stella Artois. The app lets you find bars or restaurants that serves Stella. The app is free.

HP Webcams are Racist

HP laptops now come with webcams that have facial recognition. Unfortunately, they don't recognize colored faces. RACIST!


Movie Trailers: Iron Man 2

Movie Trailers: Hot Tub Time Machine

Looks hilarious

Change a Digital Clock Manually

70 people moved around the digital looking pieces of this clock to keep the time accurate for 24 hours.

POTD: Final Fantasy is ONLY for PS3 Right Now

Picture of a Final Fantasy XIII disc in an XBOX 360. Too bad it's only been released for PS3 so far in Japan. The game was released today in Japan and is coming to North America in March (PS3 ONLY).

12 Apps of Christmas Ad

Jag's Mascot Stuck on a Zip Line

Jaxon de Ville, the mascot for the Jaguars got stuck on the zip line trying to glide across the stadium. Hilarity ensued.


Movie Trailers: Alice in Wonderland

Tim Burton. Johnny Depp.


Corey Brewer Puts Derek Fisher on a Poster

Dumbass Bets on Redskins, Loses His TV

This idiot bet all his facebook friends that the Redskins would beat the Saints a few weeks ago. He posted that if the Saints win, any of his facebook friends could come over and shoot his 60" TV.

The Saints are still undefeated. This guy is still an idiot.

Google Phone is a Go (aka Nexus One)

At first it was just a rumor. Then people came out saying they've heard all about it. Now Google is handing it out to employees! Apparently the phone will be available directly from Google. It will be made my HTC and will be called Nexus One.

Here's the rundown of what is known so far:

• The Wall Street Journal says it's made by HTC and called the Nexus One. It'll be sold online, directly by Google. You'll have to get your own cell service (which suggests it's an unlocked device). Curiously, the WSJ says, "unlike the more than half-dozen Android phones made by phone manufacturers today, Google designed virtually the entire software experience behind the phone." Sounds weird, since they designed the look and feel of the software on the Droid and G1 too, except that our source had told us before that the current Android we know isn't the "real" Android. Also odd sounding: that name, Nexus One. But maybe not that odd.

• Google confirmed they handed out "a device that combines innovative hardware from a partner with software that runs on Android to experiment with new mobile features and capabilities and we shared this device with Google employees across the globe."

• A bunch of Google employees tweeted stuff like the phone is "like an iPhone on beautifying steroids."

• It's supposedly an unlocked GSM phone running Android 2.1, powered by the crazyfast Snapdragon processor, with an OLED touchscreen (no keyboard), dual mics (for killing background noise), and enhanced voice-to-text powers. It's gonna be alllll Google branding. And it's probably coming out in January. Which jives with what our source saw a couple weeks ago, a huge screen running a brand new version of Android unlike anything out there.

• We heard it was referred to, at least in some capacity in the staff meeting where they were handed out, as the "Passion."

Yea! that's a lot of awesomeness for a phone that people thought didn't exist. Unlocked and open sounds just like Google's style. NOW, the iPhone might have some competition...[Gizmodo]

Here are some more pictures to drool over (click the picture for Engadget's gallery):

The North Face Files Lawsuit Against Parody

ST. LOUIS (AP) -- The North Face Apparel Corp. is suing a small suburban St. Louis-area company called The South Butt and the teenager who started it.

The lawsuit filed last week in federal court in St. Louis seeks unspecified damages and asks the court to prohibit The South Butt from marketing and selling its parody product line.

The North Face says it does not comment on pending litigation.

The South Butt's attorney, Albert Watkins, says the company was started by 18-year-old Jimmy Winkelmann to help pay for college. It puts out products with the tag line "Never Stop Relaxing," a parody of The North Face line, "Never Stop Exploring."

The parody company sells T-shirts, fleece jackets and sweatshirts on its Web site.

Thank you North Face for being complete douchebags and suing a kid who is making some money (probably just pennies) to pay for college by selling clothes that make fun of your overpriced brand. Jerks. [SouthButt, NorthFace]

I'm Superman, Idiot!

Lois Lane is pretty dumb for not figuring it out all along.

S'Mores are So Tough to Make You Need a Machine for it

It's called Micro Smore, they sell 2 for $20. So sad.

Shidonni Makes One of a Kind Toys for Kids

Basically your kid scribbles something. You take the design, send it over to Shidonni and they turn it into a toy. It looks like it can be pricey (around $85), but it's pretty cool for a one of a kind toy. [shidonni]

Batman: Arkham Asylum 2 Trailer is OUT NOW!

The trailer for Arkham Asylum 2 is up now. Check it out now on the game's official site. So far all you can do on the site is watch the trailer and sign up for updates, but there is more to come.


Christmas Lights Hero

That's a tough project, but cool effect.

MVP Puppets: Mystery of Missing VII


Nelly's Home Robbed

Someone broke into Nelly's house in St. Louis.

Police say a man broke into rapper Nelly's house in suburban St. Louis and stole electronics and video games.

Authorities say the Grammy-winning artist was not home when during the robbery early Friday morning.

St. Louis County police spokesman Rick Eckhard says a man used a window to get in and out of Nelly's home. He said three people were inside the house at the time and one confronted the intruder.

Eckhard says the man was able to get away with a duffel bag of electronics, a video game system and video games.

No one is in custody.

Really? They stole video games? At least steal one of his grillz or something. Idiots...


Michael Jordan Re-Created in NBA 2k10

MJ isn't available in basketball video games, but super fans re-created him in his most memorable moments. This second video is even better!

Google Chrome - Features

Google Chrome Beta is now available for Mac. Check out the features above and download using the link. [Google Chrome for Mac]

Tiger Woods Theme Music

President Obama's Nobel Peace Prize Acceptance Speech

STILTT: Where is my Boy

Periodically, I will be posting a link to a song (usually a Youtube video clip) that I listened to today. I would like for you to give it a listen, yeah? Sweet.

Here's edition numero one:



What if Women Were as Horny as Men

Show me your tongue? Really?


Google Goggles

The Google Goggles Search app lets you scan real life items to help you perform an image search. Some of the items you could scan are grocery products, books, movies, business cards, barcodes, artwork and much more. It's got integrated augmented reality as well, so if you scan a picture of a burger, it can help you find the nearest McDonalds or burger joint.

Google's Real Time Search

Google's real time search results now add twitter updates, blogs and streaming videos.

Can Hulu Save the Magazine Industry?

Hulu is set to introduce Hulu for Magazines tomorrow. It will, most likely be magazine's entirely posted online in one central location, Hulu, with advertising to foot the bills. Let's see if Hulu can help magazines raise readership like it did with tv show viewership. [Hulu]

64-Bit Chromium Available for Macs NOW!

Google's Chrome OS is available for mac in all 64-bit of goodness. Download it now! Yea, its unofficial, but it will get the job done til an official version comes out. [Chromium 64]

Your One-Hit Wonder of the Decade

Daniel Powter was named the one-hit wonder of the decade for his song "Bad Day" by Billboard Magazine. It was on top of the Billboard charts for 5 weeks in 2006.

The Twitter Song

Nike NBA Puppets Return

House M.D. Game Comes to iPhone

A video game based on the tv show House has been released for $2.99 in the iTunes App Store. It's a puzzle game in which you try to diagnose and solve patient's illnesses. If you need another reason to get it, or watch the show: Olivia Wilde.

God of Tetris

So this is why I can never get a line piece when I need one. Damn you Tetris God!

AT&T Launches Mark the Spot App for iPhones

AT&T launched an app to help get feedback on dropped calls for the iPhone. It gives users the ability to send information back to AT&T about dropped calls and gaps in coverage. In their statement:

AT&T is committed to providing its customers with the best network experience possible.

This application will help contribute towards this goal and its utilization is greatly appreciated.

It's something, so I guess it's better than nothing. But I have a question, if you aren't getting any service, how are you suppose to send feedback to AT&T. Heck, right now I can barely get service to download the app! Also, looking at the picture above, the app tells you to call customer service i at 611 if you need help. AT&T customers know that calling customer service is the biggest pain in the ass about AT&T. I'd almost rather live with the problem than call those know-nothing-jerk-offs.

Window Shop with Google on Your Mobile Phone

Google is launching a way for customers to check out stores and restaurants on their mobile phones. Basically, Google searched out the top 100,000 or so places (physical locations only) that users search for on Google. They then sent them a QR code (image above). Mobile phone users can then scan that code using various apps across multiple phones (including iPhone, Blackberry and of course, Android) to get information about what the store sells, how much it cost and other information. Here's a video to show you how it works.

I like how they use iPhones in their ads still, even though there are plenty of new Android phones. [Google Favorite Places]

SNL: Tiger Woods


Motorolla Straps Droid Onto Scud Missile in New Ad

Get Snoop Dogg Voice Skin for Tom Tom GPS

Hey, if Homer Simpson can have a voice skin for Tom Tom GPS' why can't Snoop? So Fly!


POTD: Nets Go 0-18

BREAKING: Tiger Woods Regrets His "Transgressions" (Damn!)

The Tiger Woods of golf (that would be Tiger Woods) seems to be admitting a little something in his latest statement, posted on his website:

I have let my family down and I regret those transgressions with all of my heart. I have not been true to my values and the behavior my family deserves. I am not without faults and I am far short of perfect. I am dealing with my behavior and personal failings behind closed doors with my family. Those feelings should be shared by us alone.

Read the rest at TigerWoods.com.

Guessing it might have a little something to do with this VM he left to that new chick-in-the-news, Jaimee Grubbs:

Damn!! Really? No, seriously: Damn, Tiger!!


Mrs. Clause Cheats on Santa for Boost Mobile

Oh so wrong...

The Chinese Break Down Tiger Woods Story, CGI Style

Super Mario Bros: Queen - Don't Stop Me Now

Custom made level that play a tune are easy to find on YouTube. Try finding one that plays four tunes on four different levels like this one of Mario Brothers playing Queen's Don't Stop Me Now.

That. Was... AWESOME!!

As you'll see in the following video, Keith Ballard of the Atlanta Thrashers Florida Panthers is quite upset with himself about the goal that was just scored on his team.

Or is he actually upset with his goalie? You be the judge!

Okay no, he was just upset with himself. But he has some awful aim. I know whose name I wouldn't enter into the All Star Game skills competition.