Colored Text Coming to Wikipedia

Wikipedia is going to get a color makeover this fall. The information site has been repeatedly questioned for its "truthfullness" by many and in an effort to do something about it, Wiki will color code all of the text entries. A uncited or unverified piece of information will be highlighted in a bright orange text. As more people verify the information, that highlight will change to a lighter shade.

Based on an person’s past contributions, WikiTrust computes a reputation score between zero and nine. When someone makes an edit, the background behind the new text gets shaded orange depending on their reputation: the brighter the orange, the less “trust” the text has. Then when another author edits the page, they essentially vote on the new text. If they like the edit, they’ll keep it, and if not, they’ll revert it. Text that persists will become less orange over time, as more editors give their votes of approval. [Wired]

Guitar Hero 5 at the Playboy Mansion

Ten Playboy Playmates and Hugh Hefner rock out in this ad for Guitar Hero 5. Yes, same song, different people, same apparel.

Batman: Arkham Asylum X 1960s TV show

Mario Gets His Christian Bale On

Here's a behind the scenes video of the filming for Mario Kart: The Movie. Click here for the full trailer that was posted earlier. The trailer was hilarious and this is equally good.

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars Coming to iPhone

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars had been confirmed for the Sony PSP early this month, but now we hear that it will be coming to the iTunes App store as a version made for the iPhone and iPod touch. Look for it to come out sometime this fall.

BMW Vision Effecient Dynamics

This video on BMW's website shows off the company's new concept car but it also shows off the new diesel/plug-in hybrid driving system. [BMW]

Expect New iPod on September 9th

Apple is set for a Rock and Roll event in San Francisco on September 9th.


Infomercial on Stopping Infomercials

The Informercial Stopper is an infomercial for stopping infomercials. The "cable guy" from the Fios commercials stars. Stops infomercials guaranteed!

POTD: USS Enterprise

Here's another way to recycle cardboard and beer cans, make your dog a halloween costume of the USS Enterprise. [SciFiWire]

100 Years of Visual Effects

Can Cars

If you want to get creative with your canned drinks, turn your can into a car like Sandy did.

I have always religiously recycled but often spent time looking at the graphics on the can and looking at the shape of the bottom thinking "That could make a really cool wheel". After having an accident which left me with some time to use, I decided to put pencil to paper and try and make a racing car using the bottoms of cans as its wheels, and the graphics as the decoration for the body. [CanCars]

Paper Cat Playing Electric Piano!!

Where is the paper wolf howling at the moon?



Get a Mac or Get Puddy

Movie Trailers: Mario Kart: The Movie

Madden 2010 Coming to iPhone

The Madden franchise will hit iPhones and iPod Touches soon. The game will feature real NFL rosters (including Mr. Vick and Mr. Favre). The game should hit the iTunes App store before opening day in the NFL, September 10th. Hopefully the game won't cost more than $10. Otherwise, I'm going to stick to NFL 2010 which is good enough.

Snorting Vodka Shots


Order Chipotle On Your iPhone

You can now order your burritos on the go with the Chipotle app from the iTunes App Store. The app allows you to locate the nearest Chipotle restaurant, make your own burritos, tacos, bols, etc... and place your order so that by the time you get there, it's ready for you. It even has options for extra cheese or 1/2 chicken, 1/2 steak! Fancy, and a must have if there's a Chipotle near you. [Gizmodo]


I just got back from Game Stop after purchasing Batman: Arkham Asylum The Collector's Edition. Obviously I was excited. Excited for the Batarang, excited for the game, excited for the Dr. Arkham Journal. All that came to a crashing halt within the 5 seconds it took for me to open the packaging and case. The Batarang was damaged. How bad? you decide in the pictures below.

At first I thought hey maybe it was suppose to be like this to make it look authentic. But the damage was too severe and looked like someone had just gone through playing with it and packaged it. If it was made to look authentic, it would have looked better than it did. I called up Game Stop right away to ask about the defect. They said that ALL of the Collector's Edition's came defective and that I should contact the manufacturer about the problem (which I will be doing).

It just sucks that I was so excited and now I'm so f'ing upset. $100 is a lot of money for the video game. I expect the extras to be in excellent condition for that kind of cash and I don't think anyone else would disagree. So I'm hoping someone does something about this and resolves this issue for me and whoever else feels ripped off by this.


Snow Leopard Ships Friday!

Apple's Snow Leopard OS ships this Friday, August 28 for $29. A family pack is available for $50. You can pre-order it now from Apple or Amazon.


Plaxico Agrees to Prison Term

Former Giants WR Plaxico Burress pleads guilty to weapons charge,
agrees to 2-year prison term


Don't the Horses Know that a Rally Race is Taking Place?

An Argentine Rally driver runs into a herd of horses. The driver, Federico Villagra, wasn't hurt, but he lost 30 seconds in the process. I'm guessing the horse is dead...

Try to Do This!

This is K-state guard Denis Clemente getting his trick shot on.

Robin Williams on Technology

Robin Williams On Conan O' Brien from Bla1ze on Vimeo.

Owned by a nine year old!

NFL 2010 for iPhone

NFL 2010 is a football game for the iPhone. It's basically a full fledged football game with season mode. Controls are simple, but the game is fun. It's got all those replay highlights, witty announcers, pre- and post-game graphics and a well equipped playbook. It's no comparison to a seasoned veteran like Madden 10, but for a first ever full version of an iPhone game, it's pretty cool. It also sells for $4.99 at the app store, a decent price for a decent game that'll keep you entertained. Click the link for a review. [Kotaku]

Brett Favre Already in Madden 2010

It has only been a day since Brett Favre re-re-undecided to retire, sign a contract and hit the practice field, but the future hall of famer is already slated to join the Madden 10 video game in the purple Vikings jersey wearing the iconic number 4 in the next player's update. The update will also include Michael Vick wearing number 7 for the Eagles. Check out Favre's stats below. [Kotaku]

Jet-Pack Flying Stormtrooper!

Playstation 3 Slim Due Out Sept. 1

The Playstation 3 Slim is due out September 1st for a new low price of $299. The price drop is surely going to help Sony catch up to the Wii and 360.

The Slim offers a massive 120 GB hard drive and is 33% smaller, 36% lighter and 35% greener than the original Playstation 3. It's still got Blu-ray capabilities, but it won't be backwards compatible for older PS games. As expected it won't have a card reader like the first generation Playstation 3 either, but for the price drop, I'm sure people can live without it.

It is available for pre-order now.


Nate Robinson Arrested

NY Post: Knicks G Nate Robinson was arrested on Tuesday in New York
for driving without a license


Get Growl Notifications for Google Voice on Your Mac

Google Voice is pretty handy and with Growl notifications, it gets even better for Mac users.

An app called Fluid directs your Google voice messages to Growl for display on your Mac.

Check out the complete install on Lifehacker and Fluid.

San Francisco to Build Solar Paneled Bus Stops with Wi-Fi

San Francisco is planning on building solar paneled bus stops that offer Wi-Fi. Each stop will cost about $30,000. It sounds more expensive than it actually is when you consider that all of the power that is not used by the stop's billboards and Wi-Fi will be delivered to the city's power grid.

San Francisco’s high-tech bus stops will channel an estimated 43,000 kilowatt-hours per year into the city’s grid. Built-in Wi-Fi routers will help the city create a comprehensive wireless Internet network.

The new shelters’ LED lights use 74.4 watts—four and a half times more efficient than the 336 watts used by the old shelters’ fluorescent lighting.

The city's Municipal Transportation Agency is hoping to install 360 of these stops by the year 2013. [Popular Mechanics]

Become YouTube Famous Without Owning a Computer, Go to the Apple Store

Young Nicholi may or may not own a computer, but that hasn't stopped him from becoming YouTube famous. He has his own YouTube channel comprising of mostly videos (mostly of his lip-synching) posted from the Apple Store on 5th Avenue in NYC.

It's impossible that Apple doesn't know about his activities, since the videos are 3-5 minute songs, he does some dancing and he has a TON of videos. You can even see people making fun of him in the background but that don't phase Nicholi. I'm guessing they really don't care since it's free publicity for Apple. [YouTube via Gizmodo]


Click this link, it's a link to a Google-like page. Do a search for "alfa-tsent"


Altoids Tin Toolkit

  • Mini Craft Knife
  • Superglue
  • Pencil
  • Notepad
  • Matches and striker
  • Sewing Kit
  • Metal File
  • Button Cell battery
  • Red,Yellow,Green,Blue LEDs
  • Resistors
  • Wire
  • Shrink Tubing
  • 2x Crocodile clips
  • Sandpaper
  • Duct Tape
  • Electrical Tape
  • Mini Scissors
  • Magnet (Gmjhowe)
  • Screw/Nail holder
  • Saw (Tobz1122)
  • 2x Zip ties (Yokozuna)
  • Candle (Kiteman)

If You Didn't Know Your Search Provider Would You be Able to Guess it?

Blind Search is a side project of a Microsoft employee (unaffiliated with the company) that shows search results for anything you want to search. Results pop up showing results from Bing, Google and Yahoo!. The goal is to determine whether or not you would continue using the search engine you use daily. For me, I use Google and when I did a search for this blog, results for this blog popped up as third and fourth results in one section, so I chose that one and sure enough, it was Google. That's why I use Google. The blog did show up on the other searches, but not as high up.

As of July 31, the side project showed that 41% of people chose Google, 31% picked Bing and 28% went for Yahoo. I'm sure more people thought they would choose Google over the others. Pretty interesting for a side project. [Blind Search]

Beer + Video Games = Arkeg

The Arkeg is a arcade machine loaded with 104 arcade games and a 5 gallon keg. The keg is kept cool under the gaming system. The PC based arcade machine has games like Mortal Kombat II and Asteroids among others. It also sports a 24" LCD screen and a 2.1 sound system. It sells for $4,000 and can be upgraded with a bunch of cool add-ons. [Arkeg]


Go Roolies!

Who are the Roolies? Where did the Rays come from? Isn't it Rockies vs Marlins?

Is this Really the New iPod Touch w/ Camera? Will it be Announced on Sept. 8th?

These are fake pictures of the rumored iPod Touch with a camera. The ipod looks beat up in the picture and seems to be photoshopped. But either way, it also appears that Apple will hold some sort of event on the week of September 7th. More than likely, it'll be on Tuesday the 8th and will introduce these new iPods with cameras built in.

Just because an iPod has a camera isn't much of an incentive for me to get one, so I hope they are packing these things with some other goodies. I'm also hoping there will be some sort of announcement for the iTablet or whatever they want to call it. At least give us some specs and a release date! Also, I'm guessing this will be the big coming back party for Steve Jobs. Hooray all around. [Covino and Rich]

See with Your Tongue and BrainPort

BrainPort is an awesome gadget that allows users to see images from stimulants through the tongue. The device translates images from a head mounted camera into electrical impulses that tingle and zap your tongue using a waffled mouthpiece to create an image in the brain. Early developments have shown that blind users are more aware of the space around them and some have even been able to read large print. The gadget is expected to get FDA approval by the end of the year which means we might be able to see it go into production by 2010. The price is steep though, at $10,000, an amount I'd easily give up to be able to see if I was blind. Check out the video. [Engadget]

Share Videos on iPhone 3GS with Qik

Qik is finally available on all iPhone 3GS. Qik is an app that lets users share video (since we don't have damn MMS yet). You can share via sms, e-mail, twitter, youtube and facebook. It's currently wifi only and doesn't support streaming, but the developers are saying that will change. Get Qik for the iPhone 3GS for free from the iTunes App Store. [Lifehacker]

The Mini Tumbler

I Wonder if this is How Internet Works at Lance Armstrong's House

...and does he bike for the internet or does he hire outsiders for that?

MSI Needs Help in Their Advertising Dept.

I don't think anyone would want a laptop because it can fit in your ass crack.

Movie Trailers: Where the Things are Wild

Buy Wolfenstein, Not Madden!

Manveer Heir, a Raven Studios software designer, says that if their game, Wolfenstein, outsells Madden 10, they will refund everyone who bought their game! The word came from Heir's twitter account.

Here's the deal folks: if Wolfenstein outsells Madden 10 in August I will personally pay for your copy (keep your receipt) - SPREAD THE WORD

If this comes to fruition, you'll need to follow Heir's twitter to collect your reimbursement. [Twitter]

Swimming with a Sea Turtle and the Canon 5D Mark II

Landon Donovan Gets Piss/Vomit/Beer Concoction Thrown on Him and Now Has Swine Flu

During the soccer match between USA and Mexico some classy fans thought it would be hilarious to throw a couple of cups of beer/vomit/urine at America's Landon Donovan while he was taking a corner kick. You can see the two cups airborne in the picture along with the riot police trying to keep things calm.

“The man with the tri-colored mohawk took a swig of beer, stuck his fingers down his throat and vomited the mixture back into his cup. In the next seat another man, who was wearing a T-shirt with a cartoon drawing of the decapitated heads of Barack Obama and Landon Donovan, poured out what remained of the Corona beer he had been chugging and urinated into his cardboard drinks container.

Then, according to a neutral bystander who witnessed these disgusting acts, the pair stood on their seats, high-fived and hurled their vile concoctions in the direction of Donovan, the United States men’s national team star who was preparing to take a corner kick 15 yards away.”

If things were not bad enough, the American soccer star (oxymoron?) now has H1N1, also known as swine flu. I'm sure he isn't looking forward to going back to Mexico any time soon. [Yahoo!]


Michael Vick Signs 2 Year Deal with the Eagles

says that Michael Vick has agreed to a two year deal with the Philadelphia Eagles. Wowza!

Fox Sports
say that the deal is worth $1.6 million for the first year with an option for $5.2 million in the second year. DOUBLE WOWZA!


Drill Powered Rubber Band Gun

Looks like it could be painful, as long as you keep reloading with more rubber bands.

G.I. Joe Nikes

The new G.I. Joe movie might suck, but the sneakers look decent. Just like the Transformers 2 Sneakers, the G.I. Joe sneakers are limited edition Nikes with different paint jobs. A unique collectors item that is priced at $160 a pair. Why get these when you can get the new LeBron VII's for the same price? [RMK]

Rumor: iTunes 9 to have Blu-Ray Support, App Organization

One of the continuing obvious omissions from Apple computers is the lack of a blu-ray player. Although this was previously dismissed, it looks like Apple is coming around to realizing that blu-ray technology is here to stay. Rumors say that iTunes 9.0 will have support for blu-ray.

The second rumor is something all iPhone and iPod Touch users have been struggling with for a while when it comes to managing your app on iTunes. It looks like iTunes 9 will also have some sort of organization system for apps. Hopefully it works as well as the video below (just a concept).

Take Your Booze to Go with the Portable Tap Dispenser

Simple enough. You fill your portable tap dispenser with some beer and take off. The end of the tube has a tap to fill up your glass. Its basically a camelback pack that can hold beer and has a tap instead of a normal straw. It sells for $35 and is available now. [Fun Ideas]

Nike Air Max LeBron VII

New season, new shoes. The Nike Air Max LeBron VII will be available on October 24th for $160. They look so much better than the previous LeBrons.

Here's some jargon to convince you that these shoes are advanced by technology:

It features a new custom Max 360 Air sole with 80 percent more air than the previous full-length unit, strategically contoured with a thinner forefoot and deeper heel to put the cushioning where it's needed most. For even more comfort and stability, it features Nike Flywire tensile fiber technology, a seamless integrated bootie, various visual hints to LeBron all over, and a full-grain leather upper with patent leather detailing throughout.

Bank to Allow Check Deposit Via iPhone

The Internet has taken a lot of the paperwork out of banking, but there is no avoiding paper when someone gives you a check. Now one bank wants to let customers deposit checks immediately — through their phones.

USAA, a privately held bank and insurance company, plans to update its iPhone application this week to introduce the check deposit feature, which requires a customer to photograph both sides of the check with the phone’s camera. [NY TIMES]

Kid Solves 2 Rubik's Cubes While Playing Guitar Hero

And people call me a dork...

Why would anyone want to do this? I don't know.


How to: Connect a Nintendo

Oh how i so do not miss cartridge gaming.

Someones Mad at Reggie Miller

Reggie loves the married women apparently...

Ice T Rips Apart a MacBook Pro

Bill O'Reilly is a Douche [Stating the Known]

My New Favorite Song

ASTERISK!!!! ASTERISK!!! Check out Don't Be an Asterisk for more songs and junk!

Movie Trailers: Hurt Locker


Cocaine Contributed to Billy Mays' Death

AP: An autopsy report says cocaine contributed to the death of TV pitchman Billy Mays.

The 50-year bearded TV personality died of a heart attack in his sleep. His wife found him unresponsive June 28 at their condo in Tampa, Fla.

A release from the Hillsborough County medical examiner's office Friday said Mays had last used cocaine days before his death.

The report said that although Mays died from heart disease, cocaine use was a contributing cause of death.

God I hope Oxyclean doesn't have cocaine as the cleaning ingredient.

Best Buy Selling New Games at Used Game Prices?

According to this sign from a Best Buy in Utah, Best Buy is selling new games at the same price of used games from Gamestop and Game Crazy. That IS crazy!

If true, gamers can save 5-10 bucks depending on the game by opting to go to Best Buy instead of buying used. [Kotaku]