Google Music Search Officially Launched

Collinsworth NFL 10

Former wide out and current broadcaster for the NFL, Chris Collinsworth, now has his own game (not really, thankfully).

Where is Grand Theft Auto Moving?

This image appears in the manual for GTA: Liberty City Stories. It looks like GTA is moving to Seagull, some rural looking town.

Lady Gaga in Rock Band on South Park


POTD: Shoryuken

Insane, funny, awesome, retarded and hardcore all at once.

Droid Coming to Verizon on November 6

All set to be the best phone on Verizon's network, the Motorolla Droid comes out on November 6th. Packed with Google's Android OS, a pop out (and touchscreen) keyboard, 5 MP camera with flash, and free Google Navigation with voice search, Droid will be the best shot Verizon (and Motorolla) has to compete with the iPhone 3GS (regardless of if there is a map for that or not).

Aesthetically, it doesn't look all that pretty, but it's decent when collapsed. The OS itself is fast, just as fast as the iPhone 3GS. The screen is crisper, better than the iPhone.

While there aren't as many crazy apps for Android as there are for the iPhone, Google is on the rise with it's mobile os. It is still chasing after the iPhone, but it's a lot closer than Blackberry.

Anyone with Verizon that wants a great phone (because Verizon has NONE) should go after the Motorolla Droid.

Google Navigation for Android 2.0, Coming Soon for iPhone

Along with Android 2.0, Google has launched Navigation! Oh, AND IT'S FREE! No surprise that Tom Tom's stock tumbled as a result. The Google Navigation app will also be coming to the iPhone soon.

PS: I'm selling my GPS if anyone wants it!

Want to Watch the NBA on the Go, There's an App for That

NBA League Pass released an app yesterday allowing users to watch non-blacked out games on their iPhone. The app costs $39.99 and will likely need a renewal next year. While it is expensive, it lets users watch 40 games per week right off the iPhone's 3G network (wifi works as well). The app also has full game archives, replays, highlights and more. League pass is pretty expensive if you want to buy it for TV. NBA Digital also has a broadband version of League Pass that starts at $90 for the season. So while 40 bucks is a lot for an iPhone app, it's a better price than the alternatives.



If You Like Speed...

Check out this sick hi def compilation of racing clips

[via http://axisofoversteer.blogspot.com/2009/10/speed-in-slow-motion.html]


Why 7 year olds shouldnt drive

it all starts with wanting to do some "hoodrat stuff"

here he strikes again, over some fried chicken. never mess with a fat kids chicken wings..

Phillies Fan Busted for Selling Sexual Favors for World Series Tickets

This woman (Susan Finkelstein, a Phillies fan) was busted by cops for allegedly selling herself on Craigslist for World Series tickets.

According to police, her online ad read: "DESPERATE BLONDE NEEDS WS TIX (Philadelphia) Diehard Phillies fan--gorgeous tall buxom blonde-- in desperate need of two World Series Tickets. Price negotiable--- I'm the creative type! Maybe we can help each other!" [MyFoxPhilly]

Introduction to Android 2.0

Batman Disappearing Only Cool When it Actually Works

Yes that's the cable guy from the Verizon commercials.

Google Voice Can Handle Your Current Phone's Voicemails

Voicemail on most phones sucks! Google Voice can now handle all your voicemails from your original mobile number, no need to get another Google Voice number.

Assassin's Creed Lineage


The Last Rubik's Cube Supper

It took 4,000 Rubik's cube, but this artist managed to re-create Leonardo Da Vinci's "The Last Supper" in Toronto. [Pop Cultured]

Pre-Order the InPulse Blackberry SmartWatch Today

The InPulse Blackberry SmartWatch is up for pre-order now. The watch sells for $150 and connects to your Blackberry via Bluetooth. It allows you to check email, text messages and twitter feed without having to take your your phone. It also gives you an alert and vibrates when your phone receives a call. The watch can display partial messages on its OLED screen such as caller id, email titles, texts and calendar events.

AP Runs Over William Gay

You Have No Use for This, But You Want it

The Executive Elite Marshmallow Blaster can shoot marshmallows up to 40 feet. Great for in office snack fights and camping. It sells for $55. [Neiman Marcus]

POTD: Cartoon Strips X Superheroes

[Ryan Dunlavey]

Fan Made Star Wars Trailer

Star Wars: Uncut Trailer from Casey Pugh on Vimeo.

Star Wars fans recreated the movie, 15 seconds at a time, and then connected the pieces to create this fan remake of the movie.

Working iPhone Halloween Costumes


Chuck Norris Game Coming to iPhone

The Chuck Norris: Bring the Pain game is coming to the iPhone. You play as mini-Chuck and battle through 3 environments and 13 levels. There are also 2 Chuck Norrises. Apple has yet to approve the game, but it looks like fun.

Netflix Streaming Coming to PS3

Netflix and Playstation have announced that Netflix streaming will be some time next month. Only PS3 owners that have a Netflix subscription are eligible.

Initially owners will receive a free blu-ray disc that allows the PS3 to stream off Netflix.com.

Later on, we can expect a firmware update from Sony or Netflix (or both) to enable streaming.

Making of Football (Soccer) Hero

Soccer meets Guitar Hero.

Adidas: It's on Me for We


Ghostbusters Multi-Track Beatboxing

You know you love it. And his hair too.

Don't Kiss Me

Bretty Myers: Honey, we're going to the World Series!

Lady friend: Don't kiss me!

Windows 7 Torrenting Party

If you haven't seen the original:

LeBron Wants to Posterize George W. Bush

Maxim magazine recently asked James, "If there was one guy on the planet you could dunk on, who would it be?"

His response might produce as much reaction on Capitol Hill as on the basketball court.

"If it doesn't have to be a basketball player, George W. Bush," James said. "I would dunk on [him], break the rim and shatter the glass." [LA Times]

Suggestion: Climb Cars that Aren't Moving

Philly phanatics were on the prowl last night as their beloved team won the NLCS and is going to the World Series. The celebration was going to be crazy no matter what. Some people are idiots and try to climb over cabs in drive. Good thing local tv stations carry post game celebrations live!

Headline of the Day

Phillies Win 16-Team "Who Gets To Lose To The Yankees" Tournament

VW Launchs 2010 GTI Through iPhone

Volkswagen Launched the brand new 2010 GTI MK VI through an iPhone app. The app, called Real Racing GTI is free to download in the iTunes App store. VW made the car available in the racing game to promote the release of the car in real life. The game itself is pretty good and worth playing. But if you need another incentive, starting today, VW is away the new GTI to lucky winners who play the game for the next six weeks. The more you play the more chances you have to win. [Kotaku]

If you don't see any posts for a while, you know what I'm doing.


Lego Pop-Up Building

Soo awesome! It's made from 4,500 lego blocks and weighs almost nine pounds.

Google Tasks

Google Tasks has been around for a while, but over time it has become spread out through gmail, Google calendar, and mobile. Good for writing down tasks or taking notes.

New iMacs, MacBooks, and Mice! (Oh My!)

Apple's new Magic Mouse is a laser tracking mouse with touch based movements. Here are the touch commands:

  • Click

    Magic Mouse is an advanced point-and-click mouse that lets you click and double-click anywhere on its Multi-Touch surface.

  • Two-button click

    Magic Mouse functions as a two-button mouse when you enable Secondary Click in System Preferences. Left-handed users can reassign left and right click, as well.

  • 360° scroll

    Brush one finger along the Multi-Touch surface to scroll in any direction and to pan a full 360 degrees.

  • Screen zoom

    Hold down the Control key on your keyboard and scroll with one finger on Magic Mouse to enlarge items on your screen.

  • Two-finger swipe

    Using two fingers, swipe left and right along the Multi-Touch surface to advance through pages in Safari or browse photos in iPhoto.

New iMac's come in 21.5" and 27". Both are LED backlit screens that are glass to the end of the panel. They also have SD card slots built right into the side. The 21.5" supports resolutions up to 1920 x 1080 and the 27" supports 2560 x 1440 HD.The enclosure is unibody aluminum (like macbook pros). It also runs quieter and gives off less heat than the previous generation.

Oh AND it's fast. In fact, it's the fastest Mac to date. The coveted Quad-core i5 or i7 “Nehalem” processors are available. And they START at 3.06 GHz.

The Mac Mini has been updated as well. It's faster and has more memory. It can also be configured to work as a server. It comes with 2GB or 4GB of memory and 2.26GHz or a 2.53GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor.
The low end MacBook has also been updated. Like the MacBook Pro, it also has a unibody enclosure and a built-in (non-removable) battery that lasts 7 hours. It's just over an inch thick and weighs less than 5 lbs. It's also got a LED backlit screen and glass multi-touch track-pad.

Apple also updated their remote control for their Macs. The new remote looks a little weird. [Apple]


POTD: A-Rod <3 Jeter

Check out Jerry Hairston, Jr.'s face. But wait! There's more, here's a video. Check out Jeter's reaction.

No Derek, that was not Minka.

Recycling Made Fun

A project of Volkswagen?


I can't believe they used Fanta!

Google Street View Trike

Soon enough, wherever you can trike, you can street view. They should hire Lance Armstrong for this mission. Or at least Dmitri Rodik.

Companies Gone Google

Too bad I don't work for one of these companies damnit!

Blake Griffin Poster (The First of Many)

iDon't, Droid Does & Genesis Does, Nintendon't

Before this...

There was this...

Staples Center to be Forever Named Staples Center

Staples has come to an agreement with AEG to permanently name the Los Angeles Sports area, and home of the LA Lakers and Clippers, "Staples Center." [Reuters]

Pixar's Killer Lamp Parody

DJ Hero Ads

DJ Hero comes out on October 27th.

...and here's the "unreleased" track by Eminem that has now leaked.

Mortal Kombat vs Donkey Kong

POTD: Mario Bison


Guy Proposes to Girlfriend in Super Mario World

Rock Band for iPhone Now in App Store

Rock Band for the iPhone is now available from the iTunes App Store. The game costs $9.99 and allows players on multiple iPhones and iPod Touches to play together over wifi or Bluetooth. Check out more here. Or click the link to buy. [iTunes link]



The King's Got Swine Flu

CLEVELAND, Ohio — The Cleveland Cavaliers are waiting to get back swine flu test results on superstar LeBron James who returned to practice Thursday after taking two days off because of a virus.

James is one of a half dozen Cavalier players who are suffering from flu-like symptoms. Darnell Jackson and Coby Karl have also been tested for H1N1, or swine flu, which is a strain of Influenza A.

James, Jackson and Karl have all tested positive for Influenza A. Andre Barrett and J.J. Hickson are also feeling ill and will not make the team's next road trip to Texas.

The Cavaliers next National Basketball Association game is Friday in San Antonio and James plans on travelling with the team. They also play in Dallas on Saturday.

James missed Wednesday's pre-season 109-104 loss to the Washington Wizards after being told to stay home and rest up. [AFP]


Hip Hop Honors '09: The Roots, Eminem & DJ Jazzy Jeff - "Rock the Bells"

Kind of a dream come true.


Need a Reason to Watch Heroes?

Water Car


South Park is back and still kicking ass!


Open a Padlock with a Beer Can Shim

Carnage in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2

Carnage is coming to Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 and it looks awesome. He doesn't look like some generic character but instead a splat of insanity that he is. [Kotaku]