Microsoft Official Fix for the Zune

Microsoft says the click that caused 30 GB Zune's to freeze up all at the same time is due to the internal clock that is exclusive to that model that fails to handle the leap year. They say the Zunes will fix themselves after syncing in 24 hours. You just have to let the battery die on it's own and recharge it. So you will be able to listen to your Zune in 2009. I still say just get an iPod. Gizmodo has the release.

Tracy Morgan, lol


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Wall Street's Worst Year is Finally Over

After the worst year since the Great Depression, the Stock Market has closed for the final time in 2008. Regardless of the gains today, The Dow lost all the gains made in the last 6 years, making this its worst year since the 30s. The tech-heavy Nasdaq had it's worst year since its inception in 1971 and the S&P had it's worst year since its inception in 1941. The only stocks listed on the Dow that made gains are Wal-Mart and McDonalds. The Dow ended up 108, Nasdaq up 26, and S&P up 12. Hope 2009 is better than this. Happy New Year. [Marketwatch]

Someone Please Explain This to Me

This video shows the Yashimoto Cube. Besides looking cool and morphing, I'm not sure what it does but it look really cool.

Will Jennifer Gardner's Baby Be the First Baby of 2009?

According to TMZ, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Gardner were seen going into Cedars Sinai Hospital and Jen is just about due for the birth of their second kid.

When Songs are 3 Stars But Not Quite 4 Stars [Conundrums]

If you rate your music on iTunes and can't decide whether the jam your listening to is a 3 star track or a 4 star track, you now have a third option. Yep, now you can give songs 1/2 stars. It's really simple actually. TUAW has the info.

Funny Headlines

This one comes from 23/6...

"Hamas: The little terrorist group that couldn't"

The Day the Zune Died

According to multiple sources and blogs everywhere, the 30 GB model of the Microsoft Zune has started failing all over North America starting 12 a.m. today. People are calling it "Z2K" or "Z2K9." I say go get an iPod.

The Zune site says they are aware of the problem and working on it. As of now, you may not be able to use your Zune in 2009. [Engadget]

Engadget had this link for one way to fix your Zune. Although you run the risk of breaking it forever...

Big iPod News, Literally!

Oh rumors, rumors, rumors! MacWorld is just a short way away and there are rumors out there saying Apple is going to come out with a 7 or 9 inch version of the iPod Touch in Fall of '09. We've seen pictures of the iPhone Nano that may or may not exist. And now, we have more rumors that Apple will introduce a new Mac Mini with an aluminum finish and perhaps a refreshed version of the iMac. [Engadget, TUAW]

We also hear that we can expect to see a new iPod Shuffle, and cheaper iPhones and Macbooks in 2009. [AppleInsider]

Time Warner and Viacom Battle, Viewers Lose

So Time Warner and Viacom still have not come to an agreement regarding the fees for programming. Time Warner will drop 19 channels including Comedy Central, MTV, and Nickelodeon. Thats 13 Million people who won't be able to watch The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Viacom wants to increase fees by 22-36% per channel from Time Warner Cable. So as of midnight tonight, Time Warner Cable customers will lose these channels. Happy New Year!

Chad Pennington Named Comeback Player of the Year

The AP has named Chad Pennington the Comeback Player of the Year...again. Yep, Chad got the award when he was with the Jets and now he's made a second Comeback and won it again. He deserves this though. He got tossed aside by the Jets (rightfully so at the time) and turns the worst team in the league into AFC East Champs.

Charles Barkley Arrested for DUI

According to ESPN Sir Charles was arrested on suspicion of DUI early
this morning. I don't think he was drunk. The cop must not be a NBA
fan because if he was he would know that Chuck is always like that.

That's the real picture of the arrest from The Smoking Gun.

Sir Charles looks a little warm.
Theres more from the AP:
An officer with a task force that targets drunken driving saw the former NBA star run a stop sign about 1:30 a.m., Gilbert police Lt. Eric Shuhandler said. Barkley was in Scottsdale's Old Town area, a trendy spot in the Phoenix area.
"I am disappointed that I put myself in that situation,'' Barkley said in a statement to The Associated Press. "The Scottsdale police were fantastic. Now it is a legal matter and I will not comment further until it is resolved.''
Apparently the Chuckster was partying it up with Jaleel White (yes, Urkel) and Michael Strahan


Bill Cowher Drama Extends Jets Crappy Season

...the latest is that Cowger doesn't want the Jets head coaching job
at all. More to come I'm sure.

Mets Make Lowe an Offer

According to the NY Times the Mets have offered Derek Lowe a 3 year,
$36 million deal.

Broncos Fire Coach Mike Shanahan, [No One is Safe]

The Denver Broncos have fired Mike Shanahan after failing to make the playoffs. He becomes the 4th head coach fired. It was fairly obvious that the other three coaches would get the axe, but Shanahan comes as a surprise to most. He won brough the Broncos 2 Super Bowl rings in this 13 years there. A long time in any sport. Maybe the Jets didn't sign Cowher yet because of this?

Rockets Sign Mutombo

The Houston Rockets have signed Dikembe Mutombo for the rest of the 2008-09 season according to ESPN.

Brett Favre Has Torn Tendon [Ouch!]

Jets QB has torn biceps tendon in his right shoulder. However, he won't need major surgery even if he decides to come back and play next season (wherever that may be). [ESPN]

IL Governor to Name Obama's Replacement Even Through Impeachment Proceedings.

So Illinois Governor, soon to be former governor, Rod Blagojevich is set to name the replacement for Obama's Senate seat. Yes, even though he is getting impeached, he wants to name the new Senator.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said that the Senate would not accept any choice made by Blagojevich who is accused of trying to sell the President-Elect's former post.

Blagojevich's choice is Former Comptroller and Former Illinois Attorney General Roland Burris. Burris was the first African American to hold a statewide government post in Illinois.

Dear Jets, Make Up Your Mind!

First they said they didn't want him as a coach and were just talking to him. Now the New York Jets say they will do whatever it takes to hire Bill Cowher as the head coach.
Make up your mind. The Jets fans are getting antsy, and this may be the best news they have heard in the past 5 weeks!

Matt Ryan Wins NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year

Atlanta Falcon's QB Matt Ryan has been named the NFL's Offensive Rookie of the Year after leading them into the playoffs with a 11-5 record.


Pro Bowl Before Super Bowl in 2010

ESPN says that the 2010 Pro Bowl will be played a week before the
Super Bowl that year and both games will be played in Miami.

Ricky Davis Suspended 5 Games

Ricky Davis has been suspended five games for violating the NBA's anti-
drug policy.

Is anyone surprised?

Movie Trailers: Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li

ANYTHING is better than Dragonball. Starring Kristin Kreuk from Smallville.

Don't Talk Trash to Chris Paul

This is a story on Deadspin...if you think professional athletes don't hear you, you're wrong.
This tale of fandom gone wrong—independently confirmed by Pacers beat writer Mike Wells—is an excellent reason to make Chris Paul your new favorite player.

Paul's Hornets were playing at Indiana last night and the superstar guard was having a rather listless evening. About half way through the fourth quarter, his team was trailing and Paul was just 2-for-8 from the floor in the game. After sitting out for a bit, he went to check back into the game, when a lone Pacers fan unwisely decided that he should get involved in the proceedings.
I was out in Indy sitting first row behind the scorer’s table, chatting it up with players left and right (they were, however, ignoring me). The P’s had a solid lead and CP wasn’t showing up much directly on offense, missing several jumpers. He came to check in at around [six minutes left], and I was in complete Pacers mode. Without thinking, I murmured, “CP ain’t shit.” He quickly turned around and said, “What?” High off the fact that he even acknowledged me, I said,
“Yeah, you’re lucky T.J.’s (Ford) not playing.” He replied, “Yeah, I prayed for that last night,” and rolled his eyes and laughed. I was in complete disarray, and said to the man that I had so passionately spoken in MVP support for last year: “You shouldn’t have been mentioned for MVP last year, Kobe is way better than you.” He laughed and walked off. My friend gave me the “what have you done” look.
What had he done indeed? Paul made five of his next seven shots, scoring 11 points over the last 3:36 of the game. ("He wasn't looking to score, but then he got going," said Danny Granger.) Then, with two seconds left, he dished off his 12th assist on a David West jumper. Hornets win by two. But it wasn't over there....
CP went over, took a photo with someone, then walked in my direction. I stood up. He stopped directly in front of the scorers table and, pointing a solid finger, and said in LeBron fashion, “It’s your fault. It’s your fault.” My legs began to shake as my star crush walked away.

Awesome. Isn't Chris Paul the dreamiest?

Is There Really a Difference?

The Detroit Lions went 0-16 after yesterday's loss. The Dallas Cowboys got pummeled in a game that could have taken them into the post-season. Detroit fans have been ashamed of their horrible team all season long and Dallas fans have been upset about the underachieving Cowboys that have lost multiple opportunities to get into the playoffs. And where are they now? Both teams are getting ready for the 2009 NFL Draft.

As a football fan, I don't know what's worse, losing every week or losing big games late in the season. But as a Cowboys fan, getting whooped in the biggest game of the season is by far worse. It's upsetting to see your team lose on Sundays, but a pounding like this (by a division rival no less) in such a big game is unacceptable. If they had lost but gave a good effort, I'd be okay. I'd say okay let's get better and come back next year. But where do you go after something like this?

Changes will be made for the Cowboys and Lions. The Lions will get better. They'll have the first draft pick, and in all likelihood pick Heisman winner Sam Bradford as their new leader. This season has shown that Quarterbacks make all the difference: Romo's injury, McNabb's comeback, Matt Cassell replacing Tom Brady, Joe Flacco, and of course Matt Ryan. The Lions will get better, and if for no other reason, then the fact that they can't possibly get any worse. I mean that in the best possible way, because when you are down, all you want to do is get back up ASAP!

But for the Cowboys, it's different. They can get worse. For most of them, they think 'okay, we'll come back next year.' Yes, but come back and do what? Where is the fire? The only fire I see is TO. I mean that in a good way too. Yesterday's post-game press conference showed that he wants one thing and that's a Super Bowl ring and he wanted to do it in Dallas. And what did Tony Romo say? He said they'll be back next year and if they win, that's fine, and if they lose, that's fine too. He says the onus will be on him and he'll deal with it.

Everyone loses. That's okay, but you can't just want to play, you have got to want to win, and win every single week. You got to have a fire on the field. TO takes the fire off the field and that's when he gets into trouble. But all he wants is to win and I can respect that. Romo's post-game comments, in which he was trying to show that the loss was not the end of the world, aren't what Cowboy fans are looking for. Show us, please show us, that you want to win a ring in this league. Or move out of Dallas.

Bill Cowher Says He Doesn't Want the Browns Coaching Job

Former Pittsburgh Steelers coach Bill Cowher says he isn't interested in the Browns coaching job. [ESPN]

Maybe he can bring one of those covetted trophies in the picture with him over to the J-E-T-S? It was pointed out to me that Cowher's daughter goes to school at Princeton. Which isn't too far from the Jets practice facility in Florham Park, N.J. It's not millions of dollars, but I'm sure it helps make a decision in some way.

Cleveland Browns Fire Head Coach Romeo Crennel

Call it the hat-trick (at least for now). The Browns have fired their coach Romeo Crennel after firing their GM, Phil Savage, on Sunday according to ESPN. The Browns finished 4-12

Jets Fire Head Coach Mangini

The New York Jets have fired head coach Eric Mangini after they
finished 9-7 and lost the last 4 of 5 says ESPN.

Detroit Lions Fire Head Coach

ESPN says the Lions have fired head coach Rod Marinelli after becoming
the first team ever to go 0-16.

Because you know, 0 and 11 (12, 13, 14, 15) isn't that bad. But I
guess times are tough in Detroit. You have to do HISTORICALLY BAD to
get fired there.


Hospital Removes Roger Clemens' Name

The hospital formerly known as The Roger Clemens Institute for Sports Medicine, has decided to remove the former Red Sox/Astros/Blue Jay/Yankee pitcher's name from it's name. Now it will be known as the Memorial Hermann Sports Medicine Institute. According to a statement put out by the hospital, the move was made in order "to better reflect its commitment to all sports and athletes" and that "the move reflects the desire to promote the broad range of sports medicine services and programs offered by Memorial Hermann." The new name goes into effect on Thursday. [ESPN]

iPod Saves Lives

When I tell people, "My iPod is a lifesaver," or "I don't know where I would be without it," of course I'm being sarcastic. But a for a couple of guys it's actually true. Two French guys (a snowboarder and skier) were lost in the Southern Switzerland mountains. It was getting dark and the temperatures were dropping (-15 degrees Celsius). The two alerted authorities that they were lost, but then their cell phons died. Fortunatly one of them had an iPod. Rescuers in a helicopter were able to spot out the light coming from the iPod and saved the day. [Reuters]
Gizmodo points out, some important details are missing from the story:
"What kind of iPod was it? What generation? What brightness setting was the backlight set to? Is there a difference in helicopter visibility between, say, LCD and OLED?"

Mariah Carey Pregnant

According to the Page 6, Mariah is currently at St. Barts and the folks over there say shes definitly knocked up. She was seen earlier this month walking out of an ObGyn with what looked like a sonogram.

Refurbished iPhones for $99

AT&T is offering refurbished 8 GB 3G iPhones for $99. They also have the refurbished 16 GB models for $199 (available in black and white as well). Pretty good deal if you want the iPhone but don't want to pay the extra $100 for the new one or want to upgrade your old non-3G iPhone.


I Hope My Kid Will be This Smart [Aw, Aww, Awww]

She's bound to be gamer of the year 2012. And running the Nintendo by 2024. Maybe she and this kid who knows his cars can grow up, get married and rule over future technology. Or at least give us native copy and paste on the iPhone. [GoNintendo] via [Gizmodo]

Tom Brady & Gisele B√ľndchen Engaged

TMZ is saying that Tom popped the question on Christmas Eve and Gisele said yes. I think he just forgot to get her her a gift for Christmas, so he used this bail himself out. Usually when he bails himself out, Wes Welker is involved. I'm guessing Gisele isn't having any of that.

What's the Point of This?

This is a picture from CNN. It shows Iranians throwing their shoes at a picture of President Bush. It's more like a photoshoot. What is the point of all this? You want to mimic that Iraqi reporter? Atleast he did it at the real president. In this case, all you're doing is throwing your shoes at the picture and then you go pick up your shoes, woopy, good for you. You didn't accomplish anything. Iranians, stop being silly, and keep your shoes on. Also, this was sponsored by Iran's Revolutionary Guards Corps. What a waste of money. Way to further worsen your country's reputation.

The Spirit

Largely entertaining. It's got that slow noir feel to it which will surely draw annoy some people, but if you like movies, you'll love the blacks, the whites, and of course, the red! Also, this movie is really, funny! And not in the corny way either. There are plenty of inside jokes for the real fans. Yes, the reviews are bad. But Frank Miller isn't going for an Academy Award here, he's making a entertaining flick people would want to see in theaters.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2008)

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2008)

A decent movie with fairly good acting. If you like movies like Big Fish or The Notebook, this one is for you. Be warned, this is a long movie. I was entertained, but I did not leave the theater wanting more.

[movie info via imdb]


All I Want for Christmas...

...is free Apps from the iTunes Store. Well Gizmodo has this list of a ton of apps that are on sale for free for a limited time (the holiday season). A lot of them are useful, some are useless and some you never thought you would use will be your favorite (okay that's pushing it). Here's the list. (And by the way, how is iFart the top paid app?)

1 - React
2 - MistleSnow
3 - ExcusesExcuses
4 - Tilt-A-Tip Action Tipster
5 - Mistletoe: Smooch or Smack?
6 - New Year Resolutions – 2009
7 - iFindWordz
8 - Buzzword Bingo
9 - iBenzinpreis
10 - Holidazzle!
11 - Shape Spot
12 - PCB Current
13 - PocketDyno
14 - Pocket Sounds
15 - Christmas Cal
16 - Taxi Hold’em
17 - myAnswers
18 - Christmas Lights : Festive Game
19 - OMG Cherries
20 - The Holy Bible King James Version
21 - Klockotock
22 - WhoopieCushion
23 - Square Jams Cube Puzzles
24 - JingleToe
25 - Christmas Gifts 2008
26 - iBear Timer
27 - Moon Map Lite
28 - The Brain!
29 - Done Drinking
30 - Kitchen Timer
31 - Fingeric
32 - Balloons
33 - TrackStats - NFL
34 - Topple
35 - What’s On TV?
36 - MegaSliderz
37 - TeleTone
38 - Amuck Christmas Hohliday Lights
39 - Executive Decision
40 - JingleJumble
41 - His Finger
42 - Jumbalu Zoo

All I Want for Christmas...

...is free beer. Beck's has mail-in-rebate forms for up to $9 on a six-pack of Beck's. It's not much, but free is free, and who hates free beer?


Alien Raiders (2008)

This independent movie is worth checking out. If you like The Mist, you will probably like this film.

[movie info via imdb]

Celtics Making History, Go 27-2

The Boston Celtics won their 19th consecutive game last night and now have a NBA best 27-2 record. One that has NEVER been seen in the history of the league. Jordan didn't even do this (although going 72-10 is more impressive)! I'll repeat, NO TEAM IN NBA HISTORY HAS STARTED THE SEASON 27-2.

I only repeat to point out a few things. First, can we now say, arguably of course, that this Celtic team might be the best Celtic team of all time?!? What if they go on and win another title? There were already chants of "Beat L-A." I guess all they want is a victory for Christmas.

Now if we were to (arguably) say that they were the best CELTIC team of all time, could we maybe say they are the best TEAM of all time? What if they win 72 or more games this season? I mean, there was Jordan, Shaq and Kobe, etc, etc... But has there been a TEAM with such balance and dominance? I mean look at Rajon Rondo. He could very well be an All-Star! (I predict the big-three make the All-Star team, and one of them sits out to get Rondo in) I think we have yet to see where this team lands in the leagues greatest teams, but if they win the Finals again, they are officially up there with the best.

I'm predicting a Celtic win on Christmas, Lakers are reeling, even though that win over the Hornets was exactly what they needed. Oh and by the way, when KG was asked if this team could get better he said, "Hell yeah!"


Oh the Fun Things You Can do with Google Docs

This was on the docs.google.com main page (before signing in). Pretty cool. Four people making pixel artwork in one document.

My Future Christmas Tree

This is so perfect. It's 100% recyclable and makes sure you have a good time setting it up, unlike most real Christmas trees. [Lifehacker]

Hilarious, But Obviously Not Available

It's called iBoob for all the pervs out there. Don't expect to see this in the app store...ever. [Gizmodo]

Laptops in Disguise

Pretty cool video. Even though, Mac users know the end result of this movie, its still fun to watch, like the Transformers movie. [TUAW]

Yankees Sign Mark Teixeira

The Yankees have agreed to a principle deal of 8 years, $180 million according to sources. Now onto signing Manny...

And in other news, everyone still hates the Yankees, but as long as the Yankees win, Yankee fans don't give a crap. Til the Yankees lose of course.

The Yankees are not the problem. Major League Baseball's rules are the problem. (Don't hate the team, hate the game!) [ESPN]


Those funny Japanese.


You Can't Beat Shaun Ellis in a Snowball Fight

Shaun Ellis of the New York Jets wins by knockout in a snowball fight against a Seahawks fan. What a sucker. He totally deserved that. Too bad Ellis will bet fined and or suspended for it. On the other hand if he didn't do anything, nothing would have happened to the fan. He would have just gone on home and told all his buddies how he was hitting Jets players with snowballs, making them sound like pansies. Shaun Ellis was not having that, especially not from a (4-11) Seahawks fan. Shaun Ellis ain't no pansy, especially when it comes to football, snowball fights or the combination of the two.

iPhone Nano?!?!??!!!

MacRumors has a shot of the iPhone Nano which has been the subject of a couple of rumors. Cell phone case maker XSKN has a section for cases for the iPhone Nano, but this is the first image of the phone (if its really exists or will really exist is yet to be known). Rumors, rumors and more Apple rumors. YAY! Hey maybe this was the "iPhone" that Wal-Mart was trying to sell for $99.

HSBC Banker Hangs Himself in Expensive Hotel

A 49-year-old HSBC banker hung himself on Monday in a £500-a-night hotel suite at the Jumeirah Carlton Tower hotel in Knightsbridge, West London. He was making six figures from his job, there were no suspicious circumstances around his death. This may have something to do with the whole Madoff thing and HSBC potentially losing a lot of money because of it. Apparently he was found hanging naked by a hotel worker. [TimesOnline]

Toyota to Post First Loss in 70 Years

Toyota says that it will post its first operating loss in 70 years. Proving that no company is safe from this global economic mess. Toyota Motor Corp. has also lowered its global sales forecast for the second time this year.

VHS Officially Dead

The last major distributor of VHS tapes has called it quits making this Christmas the last one for "videotape." I wonder what Warner Wolf will say now, "Let's go to the .avi" doesn't quite have the same ring to it. [LA Times]


Glen Davis Hospitalized After Car Accident

ESPN reports Celtics' Forward Glen "Big Baby" Davis has been hospitalized for whiplash after being involved in a car accident.

Gnarls Barkley - "Who's Gonna Save My Soul?"

Old, but still pretty cool.

Why, Why, Why?

Eden Lake (2008)

This movie is terrifying. Not because it's overly gory or have horrific creatures. In fact there weren't even any "it's behind you" or "jump out and scare you" moments. It so horrific because it hits close to home. You don't have the safety of telling yourself, "this can only happen in the movies."

A young couple goes on a weekend camping vacation only to encounter a group of hoodlum kids. I won't spoil the movie, but let me tell you there were more than a few times I asked myself when will this movie be over; not because it was getting boring, but because I was getting depressed. The fact is, the world is not a safe place. Bad things happen to good people - sometimes for no explainable reason.

This is what a great horror movie does, it invokes a range of emotions in the viewers. I was thrilled. I was angry. I was sad. I was depressed. There are so many movies you watch and forget, but this one will not be forgotten. It holds its own as a great horror masterpiece.

[movie info via imdb]


Movie Trailers: X-Men Origins: Wolverine (Official Trailer)

Everyone's seen it, now its in better quality.

If Only I Could Trade in My TV for This

These big screens (really big screens) are up at NYU. 120-foot video wall powered by 3 mac pros, for a total of resolution of 8160 x 768. Video is below.

Big Screens - Caves of Wonder by Matt Parker from Gizmodo on Vimeo.

I Bet You've Never Played Beer Pong Like This

LED table made for beer pong enthusiasts. Pretty cool looking, just hope no one throws up all over it. [Gizmodo]

Charles Barkley's President Bush Imitation

Or C-Webb's disgruntled Iraqi imitation, however you want to look at it, it's hilarious.


Coming Soon

I'm going to check this out when it comes out February. The first two were so over-the-top bad it was good. [story via fangoria]

I Want One

A carbon fiber table that is only 2mm thick. How unnecessary. Where can I get it? [boingboing.net via stylepark.com via Kottke]


[image via caldwellustration]


Crazy Brand of Democracy

The New York Times has some good pictures of Korean lawmakers trying to stop a free trade deal with the United States. Imagine if American politicians did the same thing? [story via NYTIMES]


Talk About Patience And Dedication

This artist spent 960 hours working on this!

Zenvo ST1

[image via worldcarfans]

Damn, what a fine looking car. Super-charged AND turbo charged! [story via worldcarfans]

Worst Box Office Openings

Wow, Delgo failed. Here is a list of other movies that equally failed:

RankTitle (click to view)StudioOpening*% of
TheatersAvg.Total Gross^Wide
1 Delgo Free $511,920 100.0% 2,160 $237 $511,920 12/12/08
2 P2 Sum. $2,083,398 52.1% 2,131 $977 $3,995,018 11/9/07
3 Major League: Back to the Minors WB $2,087,011 58.4% 2,322 $899 $3,572,443 4/17/98
4 The Real Cancun NL $2,108,796 55.1% 2,261 $932 $3,825,421 4/25/03
5 Spider-Man / Men in Black II Sony $2,111,862 31.8% 2,078 $1,016 $6,632,970 9/6/02
6 College MGM $2,153,109 45.9% 2,123 $1,014 $4,694,491 8/29/08
7 The Adventures of Pluto Nash WB $2,182,900 49.4% 2,320 $940 $4,420,080 8/16/02
8 All Dogs Go to Heaven 2 MGM $2,256,118 26.2% 2,037 $1,107 $8,620,678 3/29/96
9 Deception (2008) Fox $2,312,146 50.3% 2,001 $1,155 $4,598,506 4/25/08
10 I Dreamed of Africa Sony $2,411,445 36.3% 2,112 $1,141 $6,651,522 5/5/00
[complete list via boxofficemojo]


Shoe-Thrower a Hero?

The New York Times is reporting that the journalist who threw his shoes at Bush is being herald as a hero in Arab countries. The TV network that he works for hasn't apologized for the incident. Although, I thought the whole situation was pretty hilarious, Bush is still a world leader and deserves basic respect. There should be punishment. He is a journalist and he compromised his integrity and the standards of journalism. There are better ways to voice disapproval. He should be ashamed of his actions and people should not support or condone his disrespectful behavior. [story via NYTIMES]

Just Release the Trailer Already!

So today I got this email, regarding the new trailer for X-Men Origins: Wolverine. It's cool that they want to give fans the heads up. But there's too many things wrong with this.  First off, all the fans already know that the official version of the trailer comes out today.  Second, all the big fans have already seen the "camera in the theater" version of the trailer, or have seen it in the theater already. Third, why do I have to be a member of myspace to be able to watch this? My myspace people are fans too! Fourth, if you have a trailer just release it! This is not the movie, its a trailer! You are hyping up a trailer! Totally unecessary.  And finally, if the trailer comes out in theaters on a Friday (like this one did with "The Day the Earth Stood Still") just put the trailer online on Friday.  Stop making people wait for it.  No one on Earth is going to go see a movie just for the trailer.  No matter what movie it is.  They'll just look it up on youtube.  

By the way, if you are in the film business and are looking at this and wondering, hmm...how can I save some money? Start firing the people who send this crap out and post the trailers online yourself!