Lady Gaga's Poker Face Made with 4 iPhones

Now only if there was multitasking, you might only need one phone to do the same thing.



Oregon Trail Vs. Mortal Kombat

Zombie Street Fighter

Artist renditions of Zombie Street Fighter characters. Funny how Akuma looks the same. [Kotaku]


Health Care Reform: What Up With That?

Well, all signs point to a health care reform bill being passed, possibly/probably as soon as this weekend. Up until about twenty minutes or so ago, I had no idea who is gonna be voting on what, which bill was being passed in which house and how, what will be reconciled with who, or when the doctor is going to insert his what in my where. I'm sure many of you are with me in my confusion.

So I did the old reliable cursory internet research. And now I think I have quite the handle on things. I thought I'd share.

Here are some helpful links to help get you up to speed... Reading these won't take you more than the twenty minutes it took me to read and compile, I promise. It's all awfully informative and will surely allow you to partake in some delightfully pretentious conversation at your upcoming cocktail parties:

Health care news from today

The "self-executing rule." WTF?

"Reconciliation." WTF?

A summary of how everything will likely play out

(Thank the Good Lord for About.com!)

Boy, if those Dems don't get this thing passed right now, they damn sure deserve one of these:


POTD: 1Up in Dying Light


A-Team Box Set Comes in the A-Team Van

The A-Team Box set is awesome. It has the entire series on DVD and comes in an awesome package, yep the A-Team van! You can buy it now for $90. [Uncrate] via [A-Team]

Keyboard Cat 2k10! (Keyboard Cat Lives On!)

Get played off in 2010? You'll need this reincarnated keyboard cat for that!

Impersonations: Christopher Walken and Jack Nicholson in Willy Wonka

Brandon Hardesty impersonates Christopher Walken and Jack Nicholson in a scene from Willy Wonka. The characters are perfect.

Who Says You Can't Type on a Touch Screen Faster Than a Hard Keyboard

Heck, you probably can't even type this fast on an regular keyboard, let alone your stupid blackberry.


Soon You Too Can Sing Like Eric Cartman (and Lady Gaga)

The Lady Gaga Pack 01 for Rock Band is coming out next week and will include Lady Gaga's "Poker Face," "Just Dance," "Monster," and "Bad Romance." But the best part is that it will contain the redition of "Poker Face" by Eric Cartman from South Park.




Here's the DIY for turning your old piece of crap PC into a Hookah. [Instructables]

Lego Star Wars Watches

Are you a fan of Legos? And a fan of Star Wars? Well, if you have $22, you can get one of these fancy Lego Star Wars Watches. If you've got $30, you can get slightly better, more mature, looking ones. [StarWarsShop]

Movie Trailers: Last Call

Last call is an interactive movie in which the viewers get a phone call from the protagonist in the film. From there on out, the viewer with the cell phone directs the character on how to react to certain situations (left or right, upstairs or downstairs). Depending on the reactions by the viewer, the film's direction and ending change.

Audience members supply their cell numbers at the beginning of the screening and, at one point in the movie, one phone is selected to receive a call from the character on screen. Voice recognition software listens for the moviegoer's commands and the story unfolds based on their instructions. From the looks of things it seems like it's a "left" or "right," "stay" or "flee" type of thing, so your exhortations for the main character to take off her clothes will likely go unfulfilled. [Gizmodo]

Passat 4x4


Doritos Tablet

New Dork

In one way or another, we're all the new dork...

ZombieSmash Coming to iPhones

Dave Chappelle - The Secret

WOOO! Steam Coming to Mac in April!

Steam is coming to Macs next month and so we'll be able to play Left 4 Dead, Counter-Strike, Portal and Team Fortress! [Gizmodo]

Movie Trailers: Iron Man 2 (New Trailer)


24 Secret Restaurant Menus

Coupon Sherpa has compiled a list of 24 secret menus from various restaurants with plenty of items you won't find on their menus. Most of them aren't great for you, but some are awesome.

Suite Arrival Sents Your Toilet Kit to Your Destination

Suite Arrival is a website that sells travel sized toiletries to wherever you are going. You don't have to worry about bringing a 1 quart bag with items of less than 3 oz. in them to get through the TSA security checks at airports, just have travel sized items waiting for you at your hotel or other destination. They carry everything from first aid kits to shampoo and shaving gear to baby needs.

Simply buy the items on their website and you'll have a kit waiting for you when you get there. As long as you purchase the items 2 days prior to your arrival, shipping will be $5 (free with purchase of over $50). If it's within 48 hours, they'll charge you a fee.

I'll have to try this out on my next trip.[Suite Arrival]

Lego Star Wars Stop Motion Action

Awesome-o. It's so good, if it was a full length movie, I'd watch it!

Sage Grouse No Longer Endangered

The damn thing looks like a fugly turkey that could poison me. Today, the Interior Department, the group that decided on whether or not an animal is on the endangered species list, decided that this bird thingy isn't endangered or threatened. Let the hunting begin...

POTD: Today's Tee Fury Tee

This is today's teefury.com t-shirt. You have less than 13 hours to get one for $9. It reminds me I have to do laundry...

So does Superman apparently.


New York-Mexican Times???

Shares of New York Times Co. (NYT 11.33, +0.39, +3.57%) jumped on Monday on market rumors that Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim will seek to acquire the company. [Marketwatch]

Lego Blade Runner - Tears in Rain

Blade Runner - Tears in Rain (in LEGO) from Zach Macias on Vimeo.