Looking for a Guinness? There's an App for That

Released as part of Guinness's 250th Anniversary, the Guinness Pub Finder uses GPS on the iPhone to locate the nearest pub that serves Guinness. Here are the full list of features:

o. Locate a Pint - uses GPS to locate the consumer and the pubs serving Guinness nearest to their current location. It then provides name, address and telephone number of the pub chosen, access to directions, and an email setup to invite friends to join.

o. Know Your Pint - provides a tutorial on the 6 Steps to Creating the Perfect Pint, and also includes a ruler that can be used to measure your pint's head.

o. Fun Extras - includes animated screensavers, a countdown clock to the "Arthur's Day" celebrations and a live feed of the latest news regarding the Guinness 250th Anniversary celebration

o. Responsible Drinking - Provides consumers with the DRINKiQ resource which shares important facts about alcohol to aid responsible choices.

The Guinness Pub Finder sells for $1.99 in the iTunes App store. [TUAW]

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