Chicago's Rick Morrissey Eats His Own Words

Two years ago, the Chicago Bulls drafted Joakim Noah from Florida. Noah was never an offensive powerhouse in college, but in fact was usually a liability on that end of the floor. But on defense he was a good enough defender to help his team get, not just one, but two national titles.

After the Bulls drafted him, Chicago Tribune's sports writer, Rick Morrissey called out the Bulls for making a crappy draft move and wrote that Noah would turn into another wasted draft pick. Going as far as saying he'd eat his printed column if he was wrong. Quite confident.

Unfortunately (fortunately if you're a Bulls fan), Noah turned out pretty well. He's averaging a double-double. As promised, Morrissey at his words...literally.

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  1. he did what at his words? youre doingit wrong. i think you accidentally the whole thing.