iPhone Controlled Quadricopter

The AR.Drone by Parrot is a iPhone controlled quadricopter. It's got 2 cameras, two ultrasonic transmitters for stabilization, a three-axis accelerometer, a two axis gyroscope and a single axis gyroscope. So far so good.

The gadget connects over WiFi to the iPhone, if it ever loses connectivity, it safely lands itself.

To take off, hit the take off button on the iPhone app and control the movement by tilting the iPhone and sliding on it to control height.

But wait, there's more. The AR.Drone also has games! You can play against a computer on the iPhone or play against someone else with the quadricopter. When you get hit in the space shooter game on the screen, your quadricopter rocks back and forth to show it's been hit.

Soo Awesome! [Engadget]

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