Health Care Reform: What Up With That?

Well, all signs point to a health care reform bill being passed, possibly/probably as soon as this weekend. Up until about twenty minutes or so ago, I had no idea who is gonna be voting on what, which bill was being passed in which house and how, what will be reconciled with who, or when the doctor is going to insert his what in my where. I'm sure many of you are with me in my confusion.

So I did the old reliable cursory internet research. And now I think I have quite the handle on things. I thought I'd share.

Here are some helpful links to help get you up to speed... Reading these won't take you more than the twenty minutes it took me to read and compile, I promise. It's all awfully informative and will surely allow you to partake in some delightfully pretentious conversation at your upcoming cocktail parties:

Health care news from today

The "self-executing rule." WTF?

"Reconciliation." WTF?

A summary of how everything will likely play out

(Thank the Good Lord for About.com!)

Boy, if those Dems don't get this thing passed right now, they damn sure deserve one of these:

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