Droid Coming to Verizon on November 6

All set to be the best phone on Verizon's network, the Motorolla Droid comes out on November 6th. Packed with Google's Android OS, a pop out (and touchscreen) keyboard, 5 MP camera with flash, and free Google Navigation with voice search, Droid will be the best shot Verizon (and Motorolla) has to compete with the iPhone 3GS (regardless of if there is a map for that or not).

Aesthetically, it doesn't look all that pretty, but it's decent when collapsed. The OS itself is fast, just as fast as the iPhone 3GS. The screen is crisper, better than the iPhone.

While there aren't as many crazy apps for Android as there are for the iPhone, Google is on the rise with it's mobile os. It is still chasing after the iPhone, but it's a lot closer than Blackberry.

Anyone with Verizon that wants a great phone (because Verizon has NONE) should go after the Motorolla Droid.

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