Rumors: Google to Sell Unlocked Nexus One for $530, $180 W/2-Year T-Mobile Contract

Rumors say that Google will sell the Nexus One (aka Google phone) for $530 unlocked. A cheaper version is available at $180, but will require a 2-year T-Mobile contract. Here's the round up of other rumors regarding the phone:
  • Existing T-Mo customers can’t keep their current plan if they want a subsidized phone.
  • The subsidized price only works on accounts with single lines. Family plans, Flexpay, SmartAccess and KidConnect plans must buy the phone at the full $530 unlocked price.
  • You can onliy buy five Nexus Ones per Google account.
  • Looks like it can be shipped outside the U.S.
  • It’ll be sold at google.com/phone.
  • And if you buy the Nexus One at the subsidized price and cancel before 120 days have passed, you have to pay the difference — $350 — or return the phone to Google.
[iPhone Blog]

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