Chance to Dominate?

Participated in my first fantasy football draft of the season. Standard 10 team Yahoo league. Pretty happy with my picks except one (Miami defense--got disconnected and did not have my queue set up properly--no way I would take a def. that early, especially one that is so average). My lineup has stacked potential and is as follows--

QB - Cutler, Flacco
RB - Forte, Slaton, Addai, Kevin Smith, Ray Rice (was all set to take Felix Jones before my computer screwed me with its horrendous Dolphins autopick)
WR - Wayne, Jennings, Vincent Jackson, Anthony Gonzalez, Coles
TE - Cooley
D - Dolphins (planning on dropping for another team)
K - Folk (will change based on week to week matchups)

All comments / hate appreciated!

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