That is One Lucky iPhone [Olivia Munn]

Olivia Munn isn't a big fan of the Palm Pre. In fact, as you can see from the picture above, she's in love with her iPhone.

According to her Twitter:

@***** you got the pre? does it suck to know you should've just got the iphone? it's okay. we all make mistakes.

@***** from what i hear, apple WILL announce a new iphone on monday with video chat, cut and paste and a free unicorn with purchase.

@***** yeah, if you pre-switched to pre from iphone, you'll be upset on monday.

@***** iphone is still superior to the pre and any other challenger right now. iphone should only be taken down by a worthy opponent.

@***** the pre is not that bad, but not worth the money or the switch. pre is like friend u settle for when u cant get the hot girl.

Fuck the Palm Pre. If you have an iPhone, stick with it. If you have a Blackberry, like me, omg dontyoujustlove it?

[The iPhone Blog]

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