WWDC 2009

Shot of the new iPhone 3GS ad. The new iPhone 3GS is up for preorder on the Apple Site now!

Price drop on old iPhone 3G. Release date is June 19th in America. Major countries by 26th and All other countries that have current iPhone by August.

$199 is 16GB version, $299 is 32GB version. AWESOME!!!!!!

Battery life upgrades !!!!!! woooo!!!!!!
Added protection.
Accessibility enables voiceover which reads stuff that you touch? (Not too sure about this but it looks like it's imported from Leopard.)

Voice command lets you voice dial. Hold down the home button, say the name, it'll dial. It can also control music, so you can request what song you want to hear (like new iPod Shuffle).

Trim video on the phone itself. Share via Youtube, email and MMS as well.

3 MEGAPIXEL CAMERA WITH AUTOFOCUS/AUTOEXPOSURE. Tap to focus too. Captures videos at 30 fps w/ autofocus, auto white balance, auto exposure.

iPhone 2.0 126 seconds. 3G 43 seconds. 3GS 15 seconds.

iPhone 3GS is the new iPhone!!!!! S stands for Speeeeed. Launching messaging is 2.1x faster, loading SimCity is 2.4x faster, viewing Excel 3.6x faster, loading NY Times 2.9x faster.

iPhone 3.0 will be available for all iPhoners for free. $9.95 for iPod Touch users. It'll be available on June 17th worldwide. Booooo!!!! I want it now!

They are trying to demo this app from Line6 that lets you do cool stuff with audio and instruments. But it's not exactly working. Ouch...Fail.

zipcar app lets you find and book a zipcar. You can even unlock your car using your iPhone. Pretty neat! Guess what the horn button does! Yep!

Scott "Mr. Science" Forstall!

Tom Tom Car Kit for Navigation.

With new accessories that are going to be able to connect to the 30 pin connector, companies have come out with apps and accessories that can monitor your vitals. Totally going to do some good in the world.

“I don’t know about you but when I’m driving, I like to have my iPod music with me.” So yeah, you can access your iTunes music from the game.

Yea...right...I'll believe it when I see it on my iPhone.

Play games with friends. Looks like this will be available through bluetooth and wifi. Hopefully 3G as well.

You can even remote wipe the phone if you want. Like if you lost it in another country.

NO MORE LOST IPHONE COMPLAINTS PLEASE! This feature will be available through Mobile Me. Looks like all those rumors are starting to kick in...

New features lets you do all of the above.

Tethering won't be available for AT&T at launch. BLOWS!!!!!!!!
Tethering will allow you to share your 3G service between phone and laptop or MacBook. No word on when AT&T will allow this!

“AT&T will be ready to support MMS later this summer.” Booooooo.

This is a shot from the video shown on the new 3.0 firmware. It's from MLB.com!

Review of updates in 3.0.

Wow. Snow Leopard will be selling for $30. Family pack is $50. Will be available in September.

Exchange support is now built into Mail, iCal and Address book. Exchange support on Macs will be free. (Unlike Windows where you gotta pay).

Easy to share and upload videos in Quicktime.

Frameless video viewing.

Look at your favorite sites through coverflow.

New Quicktime Logo looks powerful.

Chinese Character input using the touchpad.

Now, moving onto Snow Leopard. It's a lot faster to install and saves 6GB when installing over Leopard. Basically, everything is a little bit faster. Woopty doo da.

WOOOO! $1699 STARTING PRICE. 256 GB SSD optional! And SD card slot and SSD will be available on new MacBooks as well (13"). MacBook starting price $1199. $1499 for base Air. $1799 with a 256GB SSD. $700 cheaper than before. All available today!

A new 15" MacBook Pro featuring a built in, non-replaceable "Revolutionary Lithium Polymer Battery." (Just like the 17") It'll also have a SD SLOT!!!

Hodgeman addressed the crowd first in a new "I'm a PC" ad form. PC: “I want to be the first to welcome you all to a week with some innovation but not too much please.”

Oh, yea, and the Apple Store is down.

New images of Snow Leopard's Quicktime. [Gizmodo] Oh, yea, and the Apple Store is down.

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