Colored Text Coming to Wikipedia

Wikipedia is going to get a color makeover this fall. The information site has been repeatedly questioned for its "truthfullness" by many and in an effort to do something about it, Wiki will color code all of the text entries. A uncited or unverified piece of information will be highlighted in a bright orange text. As more people verify the information, that highlight will change to a lighter shade.

Based on an person’s past contributions, WikiTrust computes a reputation score between zero and nine. When someone makes an edit, the background behind the new text gets shaded orange depending on their reputation: the brighter the orange, the less “trust” the text has. Then when another author edits the page, they essentially vote on the new text. If they like the edit, they’ll keep it, and if not, they’ll revert it. Text that persists will become less orange over time, as more editors give their votes of approval. [Wired]

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