San Francisco to Build Solar Paneled Bus Stops with Wi-Fi

San Francisco is planning on building solar paneled bus stops that offer Wi-Fi. Each stop will cost about $30,000. It sounds more expensive than it actually is when you consider that all of the power that is not used by the stop's billboards and Wi-Fi will be delivered to the city's power grid.

San Francisco’s high-tech bus stops will channel an estimated 43,000 kilowatt-hours per year into the city’s grid. Built-in Wi-Fi routers will help the city create a comprehensive wireless Internet network.

The new shelters’ LED lights use 74.4 watts—four and a half times more efficient than the 336 watts used by the old shelters’ fluorescent lighting.

The city's Municipal Transportation Agency is hoping to install 360 of these stops by the year 2013. [Popular Mechanics]

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