I just got back from Game Stop after purchasing Batman: Arkham Asylum The Collector's Edition. Obviously I was excited. Excited for the Batarang, excited for the game, excited for the Dr. Arkham Journal. All that came to a crashing halt within the 5 seconds it took for me to open the packaging and case. The Batarang was damaged. How bad? you decide in the pictures below.

At first I thought hey maybe it was suppose to be like this to make it look authentic. But the damage was too severe and looked like someone had just gone through playing with it and packaged it. If it was made to look authentic, it would have looked better than it did. I called up Game Stop right away to ask about the defect. They said that ALL of the Collector's Edition's came defective and that I should contact the manufacturer about the problem (which I will be doing).

It just sucks that I was so excited and now I'm so f'ing upset. $100 is a lot of money for the video game. I expect the extras to be in excellent condition for that kind of cash and I don't think anyone else would disagree. So I'm hoping someone does something about this and resolves this issue for me and whoever else feels ripped off by this.

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  1. Yh, dude. I just got the collectors on PC delivered today. Bought it from Play.com. When I opened the box and checked out the batarang my heart dropped. I originally thought the contents had been used or stored outside of the box on the warehouse shelves so it got scratched. After finding out why on Google I felt relieved not to be going through a returns process yet disappointed to have received a low quality, featured item.