If You Didn't Know Your Search Provider Would You be Able to Guess it?

Blind Search is a side project of a Microsoft employee (unaffiliated with the company) that shows search results for anything you want to search. Results pop up showing results from Bing, Google and Yahoo!. The goal is to determine whether or not you would continue using the search engine you use daily. For me, I use Google and when I did a search for this blog, results for this blog popped up as third and fourth results in one section, so I chose that one and sure enough, it was Google. That's why I use Google. The blog did show up on the other searches, but not as high up.

As of July 31, the side project showed that 41% of people chose Google, 31% picked Bing and 28% went for Yahoo. I'm sure more people thought they would choose Google over the others. Pretty interesting for a side project. [Blind Search]

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