Is this Really the New iPod Touch w/ Camera? Will it be Announced on Sept. 8th?

These are fake pictures of the rumored iPod Touch with a camera. The ipod looks beat up in the picture and seems to be photoshopped. But either way, it also appears that Apple will hold some sort of event on the week of September 7th. More than likely, it'll be on Tuesday the 8th and will introduce these new iPods with cameras built in.

Just because an iPod has a camera isn't much of an incentive for me to get one, so I hope they are packing these things with some other goodies. I'm also hoping there will be some sort of announcement for the iTablet or whatever they want to call it. At least give us some specs and a release date! Also, I'm guessing this will be the big coming back party for Steve Jobs. Hooray all around. [Covino and Rich]

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