...And Now I'm Glad the Lakers Won

Denver Nuggets fans are jerks. Correction, this Denver Nuggets fan is a jerk. And an idiot. And an asshole. Way to go. Way to prove that the smack that people in Dallas and now the country are saying about you and your team is actually true. You have no class.

Kobe and the Lakers just proved that with the exception of Chauncey Billups, your team's basketball IQ is around 0. Kenyon Martin to Nene to JR Smith to Dahntay Jones. 0! In fact. Birdman might be the second smartest player on your team.

Oh and by the way, Kobe was never proven guilty. I was rooting for Denver to beat the Lakers, but now, I'm glad Denver and it's idiotic fans lost. I'll reiterate: YOU HAVE NO CLASS! Sorry Chauncey. [Deadspin]

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