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Jim Calhoun was questioned by a "reporter" (more of a douche) regarding his salary after getting his 799th win last night. Calhoun is the highest paid state employee in Connecticut. But there is a reason for that. It's because UCONN wins!

If that idiot for a reporter was making that kind of money, he wouldn't want to give that money back either. Especially when Calhoun's Huskies are currently ranked #1 in the nation. Let's face it, the state of Connecticut has little to no representation in the world of sports. They one professional team, the WNBA team, the Connecticut Sun. Outside of that, people in Connecticut have to root for their local colleges or teams outside of the state. UConn has an outstanding basketball program (both men's and women's). UConn basketball does bring in a ton of money to the school. If it wasn't for the school success on the court, enrollment would fall rapidly. Kids go to big name schools for reasons other than just education. With enrollment falling, school funds would fall. I'm sure that $12 million (tax-free) helps the school.

Calhoun is a hall of fame coach. He has won 2 national championships and has a winning record (799-339). Any team in college basketball would be happy to have him.

It was quite obvious that this guy wasn't a real reporter. This chump gives reporters a bad name. If you want to ask questions about salary, don't ask during a post-game news conference. I'm sure this guy could have gone to Calhoun's office and asked him. Or better yet, go ask the school's athletic director, because that's who deals with salaries of coaches. You want to complain, complain to your government. Don't tell a guy who was offered money to do a job (that he has come through and done well) to return money to your state. If the state wants to keep their money that badly, they can fire him and find a sub par replacement (me? or maybe the reporter) to fill the position.

Two things are for certain. One is that having Calhoun as head coach of the Huskies helps the team and school more than it hurts the school. Second, without the Huskies bringing in $12 million, the state would have to pitch in to help the school, otherwise, the students suffer.

Let's not forget, that while Coach Calhoun makes a lot of money, some of that money goes to charity. If he makes $500k less, who do you think suffers him or the charities?

Lastly, if you want to question people's salaries, ask the people who are paying them, not people receiving them. Anyone who is offered a ton of money would and rightfully should take it. Especially during this economic downturn. You would be a fool to turn it down. If you are upset that some people on Wall Street are getting extravagant bonuses, go blame their bosses for poor money management. Don't tell the recipients to give back the money they were given.

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