Pink Visual to Offer $10 Credit for Super Bowl Porn Slip-Up

Talk about slick. Pink Visual (yes, the porn site) is offering several customers in the Tucson, Arizona area a $10 credit for interrupting people's porn viewing pleasure with the Super Bowl. That's better than Comcast who is only offering $5 for interrupting the Super Bowl with 30 seconds of porn that must have left parents covering their kid's eyes.

"Having seen the clip which interrupted the Superbowl uncensored and uncut, I can imagine that many fans were left wanting to see a lot more of Evan Stone," said Kim Kysar, brand and product manager for Pink Visual. "Perhaps they even wished they had access to a private, mobile adult site where they could get a bit of 'alone time' to get fired up after the game, and to release the frustration they felt after watching Arizona lose in the game's final seconds."

Yes, because everyone wants to know and see (apparently) more. [MSNBC]


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