Top 10 Gmail Labs Features You Should Enable

Lifehacker has this post about the top 10 Gmail features you should enable. It's a pretty good list. I have 8 of the 10 enabled. I enabled the 9th (on attachments) now. And the picture one i don't need so I'm not enabling it. But definitly good stuff! Heres the list, they aren't in any order:

1. Offline Gmail

2. Multiple Inboxes

3. Tasks

4. Go to Label

5. Quick Links

6. Super Stars

7. Canned Responses

8. Custom Keyboard Shortcuts

9. Forgotten Attachment Detector

10. Pictures in Chat

The only one I would change would be the pictures in chat. I think the Send SMS in chat is a lot cooler. Check the link for more information. [Lifehacker]

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