AT&T iPhone Plan Price Drop Rumors

Rumors say today that AT&T may create a price drop for the entry level iPhone plan from $69 to $59 a month. This would be more than likely the case for the iPhone 3G and would take place over the summer when the new supposed iPhone is released.

For customers, this would be a net savings of $120 a year. For AT&T, they would be making room for new inventory of iPhones and attracting new customers for the cheaper iPhone 3G plan. Most likely, the new iPhone plan would be $69 a month and old iPhone plans would either stay the same. There's no reason to drop the old phone's price plan because, well, they don't make them any more and the plan only exists for people who still have that old phone. They can't attract any new customers by lowering that plan.

But of course this is all rumor. [PC World]

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