Missouri's School of Journalism to Require iPod Touch, iPhones

If you are in high school and looking to get into Missouri's School of Journalism, make sure you take your iPod Touch or iPhone with you. You're going to need it. According to the Columbia Missourian, the school is going to make it a requirement that all students have one.

According to Brian Brooks, Associate Dean of the Journalism School:

"Lectures are the worst possible learning format. There’s been some research done that shows if a student can hear that lecture a second time, they retain three times as much of that lecture."

Freshmen that have been admitted will be sent a notice indicating the new requirement. However, the requirement will not be enforced, there will not be a penalty for students who don't get the fancy gadget.

"The reason we put required on it is to help the students on financial need," Brooks said. "If it’s required, it can be included in your financial need estimate. If we had not required it, they wouldn’t be able to do that."

The Associate Dean also pointed out that the school's students have received rebates from Apple when purchasing other equipment such as MacBooks and so they may have some sort of rebate for this as well. [Columbia Missourian]

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