Snow Leopard Shows of its Subtlety

Pictures and videos of Snow Leopard have been creaping out slowly. But, thanks to AppleInsider, we now have a slew of new images that suggest small upgrades to all areas of the Apple OS. Two of them that I find awesome are video grab and easy YouTube uploads. As you can see, the video capture allows you to grab playing(streaming?) video and save it as a HUDless piece of video. You can also edit that footage however you feel.

And easily upload it to your YouTube page. Very useful for the creative folk. You can find all the new screenshots of subtle improvements at AppleInsider.

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  1. Well, the main improvment is Snow Leopard is its new 64 bit architecture. This mainly means that your operating system will utilize more RAM making it a faster and more efficent OS. I could definatly use this!