WTF? Mobile NBC.com Streams Video to iPhone, Android???

The guys at lifehacker decided to try out NBC.com's mobile site m.nbc.com and as it turns out, the site is awesome. Why? Well, because as people eagerly await a hulu app for the iPhone and Android to watch streaming videos or full eps of tv shows, apparently NBC's mobile site has had it available all along in a Quicktime format! It was the okie-doke! While the quality isn't as good as watching a show on a computer, but it works pretty well, even on EDGE/3G!
There's a ton of full episodes available. They are usually broken down into 4 or 5 parts to make streaming a little smoother. Oh yea, and there are ads (the first ad I saw for the Blackberry Bold, how ironic). Also, Lifehacker says that the streaming on Android seems "clunky" even without a lag. [Lifehacker] [NBC Mobile]

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