Speaking of Hilarious Commentary...

Credit AAshish (who, I've decided, will be referred to as "my editor" from now on) for this post.

I introduce you to the ultimate babe magnet, aka the "Three Wolf Moon T-Shirt." Oh yeah. It's currently being sold on Amazon, but probably not for long, as I anticipate it being sold out within the next seven-and-a-half minutes due to its extreme popularity. Don't believe me? Just go ahead, click that link, scroll down, and read the reviews. No, I'm being completely serious. READ THE REVIEWS. You will not be disappointed.

Among the review titles:

- "Believe the hype!!"
- "Wolf Shirt: 1, Chuck Norris: 0"
- "A Perfect Compliment For My She-Mullet, L.A. Gear Tennies, & Acid Wash Jeans"

My birthday is only nine months away, friends!

[Amazon.com: Three Wolf Moon T-Shirt, Available in Various Sizes]
[Three Wolf Moon T-Shirt Reviews]

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