This Could be a Good Reason to Buy a Macbook Air

I'm not a fan of the MacBook Air. It's very cool looking and small and convenient to carry around. But all-in-all, it doesn't have the punch I'm looking for when I go out to buy a portable computer. First off, it's not as fast as the MacBook (no, not even the white plastic one). Nor does it have too many expandable slots. There are 3 items that can be plugged in, and if you have a odd shaped USB drive, you won't be able to plug in other things. It just becomes a pain.

But, if this rumor is true, I might be able to overlook the crappy aspects of the MacBook Air. According to SiliconRumors, Apple will release new versions of the MacBook Air with the ability to connect to 3G networks and come with a price drop. To me, this is a huge upgrade. To have the ability to connect to a fast network while on the go is what really makes laptops portable. Taking a computer with you without the internet is like having the iPhone with app store Yeah, it's useful, but it could be so much better.

This said, whether or not people will buy more MacBook Airs will probably depend on the monthly access fees for the 3G networks. For the right price, this could very well hike sales of the Air beyond the sales of the current MacBooks. [SiliconRumors]

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