Some of the Worst Radio Announcing Ever

So...I'm guessing that Atlanta's radio announcers don't like Dwayne Wade...Usually, home team radio announcer's root for their team. But these guys just found a new low.

When Dwyane Wade blocked Maurice Evans from behind, Holman yelled, "He did not go for the ball, he hit him right in the back and knocked Mo Evans down!" Holman yelled. "Dwyane Wade tried to hurt Mo Evans!" The league apparently disagreed, rescinding Wade's flagrant foul on Thursday.

Later in the game, Al Horford was fouled when making a move to the basket, turning his ankle as he landed and writhing in pain. "Oh my goodness, the Heat have resorted the thuggery!" exclaimed Holman. Actually, no; as Horford later admitted, "I just came down very awkward, that's all." (So awkward, incidentally, that he's been ruled out for tonight's game.)

[NBA Fanhouse]

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