First Ever No Glasses Needed 3D Ad

If you're in New York City and head over to the Hines Building at 750 7th Avenue and 50th Street, you can see the first-ever-no-glasses-needed-3D-ad. The ad is from the clever Snickers group (3 Feed, hilarious!) and is displayed in-window on a 42-inch screen. Thankfully, you don't need those corny looking glasses.

When the 42-inch screen is viewed head on by a passer-by, the 3D display appears to project an image of a rotating catch-phrase onto the sidewalk.

“From SMS to motion detection to touch screens, we continue to seek out new and innovative ways to incorporate technology into our Storescapes™ and the introduction of 3D is another example,” said Steve Birnhak, CEO and founder of Inwindow Outdoor. “We have pioneered so many technological and digital firsts in the storefront advertising space and we are very proud to have coordinated the first display with Mars to use 3D LCD technology.” [BusinessWire via Engadget]

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