Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law Is Now A Tier 1 School of PARTY!

As I always say to prospective law students, Don't do it! But as I also always say to prospective law students, if you're gonna be able to choose your prison, might as well pick the one where it's most fun to get anally raped everyday. (Too much?) Okay, I don't know any prospective law students, but that's what I would say. To help with this, the good folks at SubtleDig.com have published their first annual Party Law School Rankings...

Cardozo makes another quality showing in this list, holding steady in the "Top Tier" at #45. That's some good consistency. Also consistent: Michigan is the 8th partiest law school, compared to #9 overall on the U.S. News list. The following notables, however, need to step their game up: good ol' Fordham University comes in #53; Penn State is still stuck in Tier 2 at #61; Boston College and Boston University (What's the difference? Not much) come in at #71 and #75, respectively; and American University brings in the rear at #93. Shows what you know, U.S. News and World Report!

[SubtleDig.com Full Rankings and Methodology]

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  1. HAHA.... good one.
    congrats. you have beaten the lion in law parting