Microsoft Laptop Hunters Ad Shows Just How Stupid Some Law Students (or Actors) Are

Obviously this girl isn't going to Cardozo...First off that laptop that is "$2000" is a full 2 inches bigger than that 13" Dell she ends up with. Second, Yes, you can get a MacBook for under 1700. Heck, you can get almost any MacBook for under 1700! Third, why would you spend less money on a laptop, when "Microsoft" is paying you 1700 for whichever laptop you want! Obviously this girl isn't a law student and that's not really her mother. They are probably both actors...and not even decent ones at that. At least we can give Lauren some credit for that.

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  1. i totally agree! those commercials are just... pathetic! im not sure which one it was but a different laptop hunting commercial had a woman (i think lauren, not sure), looking at a pc, said, "FireWire, USB, Built in camera,".... Wow, haha, Macs have firewire, multiple USB ports, and beautiful iSIght cameras. Macs > PCs