The ol' 17-point-play

Okay, so here's the scenario, Rio Americano High School was down by 5 points with less than 20 seconds left in the game. The best way to make a comeback was to intentionally foul, maybe they miss some free throws, you get the ball back and hit some 3s to maybe win the game.

That's kind of what Rio tried to do. But a better plan, would be to have the other team commit multiple technical fouls with a combination of fouls to win the game.

In the video, you see a Rio player go in for a layup, get blocked and then intentionally foul. He takes down a player from the other team, Bella Vista. He gets ejected and Bella gets 8 free throws (2 for the foul and 6 for the techs).

But, Rio gets 18 free throws for all of Bella's technicals! So, even though Rio caused the original foul, Bella was given more technicals for all the players on it's bench that came onto the court.

There were no punches thrown and they even shook hands after the incident. Yet, Rio got 18 free throws. One player made 17 of them and Rio won by 6.

How about next time, the refs just have a free throw shooting contest to determine the winner instead of playing the game. Don't wait til the end of the game. [Deadspin]

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