A US Airways Commercial Jet has Crash Landed into the Hudson River

US Airways Flight 1549 that was going from LaGuardia to Charlotte has apparently hit something (perhaps a bird) and managed to crash land into the Hudson River just behind the Intrepid Museum. The plane is partially afloat in the water. There were 146 people along with 5 crew members aboard the flight.

Witnesses say the plane slowly crashed into the water meaning the pilot was able to "land" onto the water relatively safely. The temperature of the water is 34 degrees and it feels even colder than that so survivors will feel 0 degree water.

CNN is reporting that passengers have been taken off the plane and back on land in a building on 42nd street.

One passenger/survivor, Alberto Panero, says that after takeoff, they heard a loud bang and although there was a smell of smoke, nothing was really happening. They could tell that something was wrong as the plane was changing directions. The pilot then came on and said to brace for impact.

He also says that passengers were able to get out from the exits above the wings and hop onto a boat to get off the plane without getting too wet.

Panero says that he's pretty sure that everyone has gotten off the plane safely.

The FAA says that a potential "bird strike" caused the plane to go down three minutes after the plane took off.

Follow the video: CNN LIVE

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